Canadian Brand Spotlight: RC Pets

Corgi sitting outside

A Canadian company, RC Pets creates products to help strengthen the bond between pets and their guardians. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, they are committed to designing quality pet products that pet parents can trust for fit, function and fun! 

From harnesses to collars and leashes, RC Pets offers a wide variety of gear to keep both your canine companion or feline friend safe and comfortable! Available in adorable, unique designs and many different styles, there is something to suit every pet and lifestyle.

Great tools for keeping your pet cool on those hot summer days, RC Pets offers cooling vests and bandanas to help your furry friend beat the heat. Made with a unique evaporative cooling fabric, the Zephyr vests and bandanas are lightweight even when wet and stay cool for over an hour to help keep your pet comfortable on a hot day!

Harnesses are the perfect addition to your outdoor pet product collection. RC Pets’ wide range of functional and fashionable styles will make time spent walking, running, travelling in the car or training fun for both you and your canine companions. Don’t forget about your feline friends! The Adventure Kitty Harness is the perfect harness to allow the whole family to enjoy the great outdoors.

What’s better than a quick swim or a watercraft adventure to cool off in the summer heat? The RC Pets Tidal Life Vest is the perfect accessory to keep your pet safe while in the water, as it's highly-visible, has a great ergonomic fit and is made with ultra-buoyant foam.

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