Rewards Program

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Every Dollar = 1 Point!

Shop. Earn. Save

Want a bang for your buck? Join our Rewards Program where your cash goes towards MORE than just your purchase.

Every dollar you spend (before tax) = 1 point

Every 100 points you gain = 1 dollar!

Yes, real money!

  • Gather 500 points, and you are eligible for 5 dollars off!
  • Gather 1,000 Points, and you are eligible for 10 dollars off!
  • Gather 1,500 Points, and you are eligible for 15 dollars off!
  • Gather 2,000 Points, and you are eligible for 20 dollars off!

…And so on, and so forth!  How can I redeem points, you ask? Simply call us, purchase off our website or come in our stores and we’ll reward you with the points you deserve!

More Points! 

Get Bonus Points!

Often, we’ll have point offers and sales that will build those points right up!

Need To Return/Exchange?

In the case that you need to return or exchange and item, the points gained from the purchase will be removed.

Have questions about our Rewards Program? See our FAQ! 


Are You A Frequent Buyer?

Shop with us often? We have many loyal vendors with quality products who work with us and our Frequent Buyer program.

Purchase any dry dog or cat food in a Frequent Buyer program and it will automatically track it for you. Once you have purchased the appropriate # of qualifying bags (differs by Brand) you will be eligible to redeem your free bag of food!


  • The FREE bag is always equal to the smallest bag size out of the eligible purchases
  • Bags must be purchased in a 14month period
  • Any bags that drop passed the 14month cut off will be removed from the total bags qualifying you towards the free bag
  • All returned purchases will be deducted from your bag total
  • Trial size bags are NOT eligible
  • By participating in this program, the customer consents for their contact information and proof of qualifying purchases to be shared with the manufacturers of the applicable foods
  • Customer accounts showing no bag purchase activity for a period of 6 months from date of last purchase, will be deemed inactive and will be deleted and qualifying purchases that were in this account will not be recoverable
  • Ren’s reserves the right to change, alter or discontinue the program at any time
  • Ren’s reserves the right to exclude specific customers from the program due to special pricing arrangements, or other reasons

Buy 12 Get 1 Free

Orijen, Acana, Fromm, Natural Balance, Go!, Now, Taste of the Wild, Pro Plan, Science Diet, Royal Canin.

Buy 10 Get 1 Free

Merrick, Nutro, Wellness, Whole Earth Farms, Biologic Vet, Holisitc Select, Nature's Variety, Eagle Pack, Blue Buffalo, Eukanuba. 

Buy 6 Get 1 Free


Please note that not all bag sizes are available on the Frequent Buyer program. Please see in-store or call to confirm which bag size(s) of your brand qualify! 



Learn about our terms and conditions here!