Would you like to join our Product Endorsement Team (the 'P.E.T.' in P.E.T. Approved) and help fellow pet parents find the purrfect products for their pets? We're looking for paw'some customers and their pets to try out products, take photos or videos, write reviews and share their experiences with us. No large social media following is required.

Here are some examples of what we would be looking for:

Mushu reviews Maple Valley Pantry Chicken and Flax Seed Treats

RATING: 5 Paws

REVIEW: Great product!!! Mushu is a pretty picky eater...even with treats (that's how stubborn he is...). But he absolutely LOVES these maple valley treats. He'll come running over when he hears me open the bag! He also loves the beef and cranberry flavour as well. These treats are great for training! They're not too small or not too big, and they're soft so they're easy for Mushu to chew. We appreciate that the product is made in Canada as well :)

Dexter reviews Inaba Churu Tuna with Chicken Purees


REVIEW: You Need to Buy This!! Your Cat Will Love It! Great price and it's made with healthy ingredients. My cats are completely in love with this treat. I have never seen them act so excited about a treat before they tried this one. I highly recommend you buying this for your cats. Plus as an added bonus you can take a lot of super cute pictures and videos of your cat eating it.

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