We'll fetch your pet's favourites and deliver them right to your door

Fetch your favourites with our new same-day delivery service, powered by DoorDash! By using this service, customers can order anything we carry in-store through from and get it delivered same-day*, powered by DoorDash!

Ordering with same-day delivery allows customers to quickly and efficiently receive their order from their favourite store. We can also now deliver raw food! We carry the widest selection of raw food in Canada. Check out our Raw Shop to learn about all the great raw food we carry.

Same-Day Delivery Check for DoorDash

It's Easy to Order a Same-Day Delivery!

1. Before you can place your order, you must check if the delivery radius and product is available to your address. The delivery radius is 20KM around each of our stores. Input your address information to check availability.

2. Once availability is confirmed, purchase your product as you normally would on our website but be sure to select a delivery window by 2PM to ensure same-day delivery.

3. Once your order is picked by our store staff, DoorDash will deliver the product to you during your specified delivery window.

*Same-day delivery only available until 2PM ET each day. Subject to change without notice. Some restrictions apply.


How much does Same-Day Delivery cost to deliver?

The same-day delivery fee is $11.99. Order now!

Can I tip my Dasher?

Yes you can! During the checkout process on, you can select to include a tip with your order for your Dasher.

Can I use a coupon or voucher on a Door Dash order?

We do not accept coupons or vouchers on Door Dash orders online. 

Can a delivery be rescheduled?

Yes. To reschedule a delivery, you must call the store where you placed the order.

What is the cut-off time for same-day delivery?

The cut-off time for same-day delivery is 2:00PM ET.

How will I know my order is on the way?

You will receive our Ready for Pickup email when the order has been picked by Ren's staff.

Are there weight/size limits to what can be delivered?

There are weight and size limits. Anything that is listed on our site that is not eligible for free shipping is not eligible for DoorDash delivery.

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