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With the principle that pet food should be biologically appropriated for cats and dog’s needs, ACANA has gained the trust of pet owners and their pets in almost every continent of the globe. The high-quality recipes are made with fresh, regional ingredients sourced from local trusted farmers, ranchers, and fishermen. We think you will love Acana. Most importantly, we think your cats and dogs will too.  

ACANA makes biologically appropriate cat and dog foods.  ACANA makes their food from start to finish in their very own award-winning kitchens. ACANA food is designed to nourish our dog and cat in two ways. first, according to its natural evolution to meat and protein-rich diet.  Second, using meats, poultry, eggs and fish that are sustainably ranched, farmed or fished by local supplies and delivered to our kitchens fresh or raw. 

Classic - Three special ACANA foods with 50% meat feature fresh free-run chicken, turkey and effs from local prairie farms, wild-caught fish from Vancouver's waters, or heritage red meats from Alberta's ranches.

Heritage - Rich in protein and low in carbohydrates, ACANA heritage foods are brimming with 60-75% meat.

Regionals - ACANA regionals are now enhanced with 70% meat containing free-run poultry and nest-laid eggs, whole wild-caught fresh and saltwater fish, fresh heritage red meats. 

Singles - Perfect for diet-sensitive dogs. ACANA Singles feature 50% meat from grass-fed lamb, free-run duck, Yorkshire pork, or wild caught pacific pilchard. 

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