Winter Ren’ssentials

Invisible Boots

Have you ever tried to put shoes on your dog, and as a result your dog dancing the Italian Tarantella, or just chewed the shoes off? Invisible boots are a great alternative for dogs who simply won’t wear regular boots but still need the extra protection in the winter. This product is made with 100% natural ingredients such as hempseed oil, beeswax, and tea-tree oil that will moisturize and soothe cracked pads while protecting from the hard conditions, snow, ice, and salt.


Muttluks Boots

While most pet parents think that their dogs can withstand the cold, it’s highly recommended to protect and prevent possible injuries caused by ice, salt, and snowballs that can build up in the fur between their paw pads. The Muttluks boots are made in Canada, making them the perfect item to help your pet fight the extreme Canadian weather. These boots have a fleece interior to keep the paws warm and cozy, self-tightening straps that provide a secure fit and won’t fall off, genuine leather soles that are flexible and last long, and comfortable, adjustable stretchy leg cuffs.


RC Pets Coats

Some of our furry friends need additional protection when they spend time outside during the winter months. The RC Pets Coats are made with a lightweight material that will keep your pet warm and cozy during long walks. The coats are available in different sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your pooch or kitty.


Bowsers Beds

Who doesn’t love some relaxing time spent on the couch? It’s comfortable and a great way to unwind, and sometimes even take a quick nap. Why wouldn’t we want that kind of relaxation for our pooch? The Bowsers beds are designed to give your pet a cozy place to snuggle and rest. The award-winning brand has a variety of designs that are known for being unique and functional.


Snuggle Puppy

Comfort and snuggle-y warmth come to mind when we talk about Snuggle Puppy products. Besides keeping your pup warm with the cozy plush texture and a replaceable heat pack, this product can provide comfort and help relieve anxiety by recreating the intimacy and physical warmth that your nervous furry friend craves in times of stress due to loneliness, fear and separation anxieties. The real-feel, pulsing heartbeat and heat source works to calm your pup and reduce negative behaviors such as barking and whining.

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