Travelling with Pets: How to Keep Your Car Clean

From going on a quick hike to embarking on a road trip, keeping your car clean when travelling with a pet can be quite challenging! It’s no secret that animals love to make the most of their time spent in the great outdoors. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can keep your car clean when travelling with your furry friend. 

Clean Before You Leave 

First things first – make sure your pet is clean before getting into the car! 

Before you hit the road, take a few minutes to give your pet a good brushing. This will help to remove any loose hairs which will be considerably easier to clean up at home. After you’ve enjoyed a fun-filled day outdoors, make sure to wipe your pet down before heading home so you don’t bring any mud, grass or other unwanted messes with you.   

Be Prepared 

It’s always a good idea to be prepared. Having a clean-up kit stored away in your car can help you to quickly deal with any surprises you may encounter on your trip. Pack some towels and mats to help absorb any wetness or accidents. For those dogs who love getting as close to the outdoors as possible (and drooling all over the window) while in the car, keep some wipes on hand to easily remove any stains. And lastly, it never hurts to use an air freshener or deodorizer to hide odors and keep your car smelling fresh.

Designate Areas 

From barriers to carriers, designating an area within your car for your pet can help minimize the mess you experience. These items not only maintain the cleanliness of the space but also reduce the risk of distractions while driving, helping you and your beloved animal get to your destination safely.   

  •  Barriers 

If you don’t want to worry about your pet sneaking into the front seat while you’re driving, barriers are very useful. Attaching to the back of the front seats, your pet (and their mess) will be contained in the backseat. When installed, most barriers still offer enough room so that you can reach back and give your pet some scratches, so they don’t feel too isolated. 

  •  Carriers

For cats and smaller dogs, carriers can be quite helpful in making sure your car stays clean while travelling. Not only will the car remain in the same condition as when your trip began but being in a carrier can also offer a sense of comfort to animals who get nervous while travelling. 

Protect Your Seats

 If your pet is not travelling in a carrier, protecting your seats before you leave can save you both time and energy so you can truly enjoy the trip together.  

  •  Seat Covers 

Whether your pup has tracked in some excess mud after a hike or is a nervous traveler prone to accidents, a high-quality, waterproof seat cover can offer effective protection. Purchasing a machine washable cover can make removing any loose hairs from the car significantly easier. In addition to the protection they provide, some seat covers also feature cushioning to make your pet’s journey more enjoyable.

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