Small Animal Must-Haves

Whether your pet is a hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, ferret or another adorable small furry friend, it’s important to provide them with the dedicated care that they need. From cages and toys to bedding, feeding dishes and more, there are a variety of products and tools available that can help keep your fur baby happy and healthy! 


Featuring a two-piece design, Home Sweet Home cages have a deep plastic base and an easy snap-on top made of durable powder coated wire. The plastic base makes cleaning a breeze, and the simple design of the cage allows you to fill it with any supplies and accessories that you like! 

Toys and Chews 

Safe, natural and a fun treat for your small companion, Ware Vegetable Chews can help keep their teeth trimmed and relieve cage boredom! These chews feature an enticing fruit flavour and are pre-drilled to fit the Ware Treat-K-Bob, which can be easily attached to any wire cage! 


An all-natural bedding, CareFRESH Natural Pet Bedding is designed to keep your small furry friend comfortable! Lasting twice as long as wood or paper bedding, this bedding is biodegradable and flushable in small quantities. Promoting a natural living environment for your pet, this bedding delivers superior odour control and is free from chemical contaminants.

Food and Water Dishes 

Offering many advantages for small pets, the Lock & Crock Dish is made of extra-thick, chew-resistant plastic to stand up to your small four-legged family member! The crock-style dish can be attached to your pet’s cage wire, whether horizontal or vertical, providing a great alternative to freestanding dishes which can take up space. You don’t have to worry about any spills or messes as the durable dish will not twist or turn once attached to your pet’s cage! 

In order to ensure your furry friend remains happy, healthy and hydrated, make sure you place a water bottle or bowl in their cage as well. The Lixit Quick Fill Bottle features a flip top lid for easy filling, a stainless steel valve and a bungee cord to easily attach the bottle to your pet’s cage. 

Exercise Tools 

Without a proper outlet to exercise and burn some calories, it can unfortunately be quite easy for our small fur babies to pack on the pounds! As it can be difficult for our pets to get the exercise they need in a cage without any additional tools, consider purchasing an exercise wheel to help them maintain a healthy weight. Safe for tails and toes, the Ware Tread Wheel is made of a chew-proof, powder coated metal to provide your furry friend with endless fun!

Rest Spots 

After all that exercise, your companion will likely need a place to hang out and relax! Featuring nylon straps with clips for easy attachment, the Ware Hang-N-Hammock expands your pet’s living space with extra layers of comfort! The durable fleece sleeper offers a cozy spot for your fur baby to chill out, and can also be a fun place to play and hide depending on their mood! 

The Oxbow Timothy Bungalow offers your pet a spot to rest inside or outside of their cage and is made of 100% all-natural hay. The edible construction of the hand-woven, all-grass bungalow can safely provide your pet with the high fiber he needs and craves as it contains no chemicals, wire or thread!

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