Ren’s Canadian Brand Spotlight: Big Country Raw

Located in Smithville, Ontario, Big Country Raw was born out of Rob and Geraldine Brouwer’s desire to feed their dogs and growing puppies a nutritious raw food diet. They started off by making raw pet food for their kennel, Big Country Kennels, and later opened their store in 2012. Since then, they have been committed to producing a high-quality raw pet food that is both safe and affordable. 

From pasture-raised meats and free-range poultry to wild-caught fish and organic fruits and vegetables, Big Country Raw is proudly Canadian with all their products made in Canada. Supporting Canadian farmers, Big Country Raw sources all their ingredients from local farmers and processors that abide by safe and ethical standards of animal care. 

Made from just meat, bone and organs, Big Country Raw Pure recipes deliver a nutritious raw meal suitable for both cats and dogs. Available in a variety of flavours, including beef, chicken, salmon, duck, lamb, rabbit, pork and turkey, each package comes with four easy-to-peel pouches to help pet parents avoid a mess. Big Country Raw also offers a variety of other raw food products for your four-legged friend, including whole quail, beef marrow bones, lake smelt, chicken necks and more! 

There are many potential benefits to feeding your pet a raw diet, such as: 

  • Strengthened immune system
  • Increased energy level
  • Enhanced liver and kidney function
  • Less ear infections
  • Diminished tear stains
  • Eliminated allergy symptoms
  • Improved digestion
  • Softer, shinier coat with less shedding 

In addition to their raw selections, Big Country Raw has dehydrated and cooked pet food, that is sure to make your furry friend love mealtime! 

  • Trek: Ideal for travelling, Big Country Raw’s Trek dehydrated raw food is a convenient option for feeding your dog while on-the-go. Whether taking a vacation or planning a day trip, simply add water to the dehydrated food, stir, let sit for 20 minutes and serve! Made with Ontario-raised turkey, pasture-raised Canadian beef and other high-quality ingredients, Trek Turkey and Beef can provide your dog with a meal that is both nutritious and drool-worthy! 
  • Cookhouse Meatloaf: Available in Chicken, Turkey and Beef flavours, Big Country Raw offers an alternative to raw food with their premium quality Cookhouse Meatloaves. Suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes, this cooked, meatloaf-style meal features fresh ingredients such as muscle and organ meat, vegetables, eggs and whole, unprocessed grains. 
  • Frozen Treat Molds: If you’re looking to spoil your beloved companion with a delicious and nourishing treat, Big Country Raw’s Frozen Treat Molds can be used to make frozen treats out of raw food. Available in Paw or Fish, Paw and Bone designs, these molds are sure to add some fun to your pet’s meal routine!

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