Puppy Love!

Just a few weeks ago, my fiancé and I added our newest addition to the family, a baby chihuahua who we named Tucker! Our other two dogs are ages 12 and 6, so it’s been a while since we’ve had a puppy.

I knew the first week would be a big change for both us and Tucker as we transitioned to a new everyday routine. I knew he was used to being cozy with his mom & siblings, so I made sure that his sleeping arrangements would be equally comforting for him. I purchased the PetMate 2-Door Top Open Kennel for him to sleep in and added a blanket, a small bed, and a teddy bear for him to snuggle (he also plays with it when he’s not tired). He cried the first night every few hours, but by night two and thereon, he hasn’t made a peep until our morning alarm goes off!

During the day when we are not home, Tucker has a larger crate. We made sure that the crate was a positive experience for him by giving him all his meals in there and by never using it as punishment. Because it is much bigger and open, I added a fully covered bed, specifically the Precision, Hide & Seek, so he could feel protected and warm. To keep him occupied, I give him a frozen Nylabone Puppy Dino. This chew toy was designed to help with teething puppies, and he loves it more because it also tastes like chicken! It makes me smile to know we’ve made him comfortable because, during the day when we’re home, Tucker helps himself to a nap in his crate while the door is left open.

I hope this helps to make your new puppy experience a joyful one!

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