Outdoor Safety for your Cat

Cats are naturally curious creatures – it’s no surprise that we often find them sitting at a window gazing outside. As pet parents, we want our cats to be able to exercise their natural instincts and enjoy life as much as possible, but unfortunately, not every cat can be let outside on their own and be trusted to return home safely. However, just because you have an indoor cat doesn’t mean you and your feline friend can’t have fun outside together! 

If you want to spend some time outside with your cat, a harness and leash can help keep them contained and ease your mind. Whether your cat is simply exploring the yard or is in the mood to play, a harness and leash can keep your four-legged friend by your side while outdoors. The adjustable Figure H Cat Harness from Coastal is designed to let your cat move freely while preventing the leash from getting tangled under their legs. Your cat will likely be distracted by the exciting smells, sights and sounds of the outdoors, but try bringing a few toys with you outside to encourage them to play! 

If you’re busy with something while outside, such as gardening or barbecuing, a tie out cable and stake can be quite convenient! Simply attach the tie out cable to the stake and your cat’s harness and relax as your cat will be prevented from straying too far while in the backyard. As there are many different lengths available, make sure you select the tie out cable that is most appropriate for your cat and backyard size. 

Some pet parents may be a bit apprehensive to take their cat for a walk as it’s not something you see every day, but this is a great way to exercise your cat and let them explore. As some cats will try to wiggle their way out of a harness, make sure your cat is comfortable wearing its harness and leash before embarking on your walk. Also, some cats may seem interested in going on a walk at first but may change their minds once they’re outside. If your cat starts to display signs that they’re uncomfortable at any point, simply cut your walk short and head home.

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