Keeping Your Pet Calm in the Car

The long weekend is quickly approaching and for many of us that means getting ready for a road trip with our four-legged friends! While some pets love hopping in the car for a fun getaway, unfortunately travelling can cause some of our companions to experience more nerves than excitement. If you’re planning an escape this long weekend and are worried about how the car ride is going to play out, the tips below can help ease both your and your pet’s nerves.

Create a Comforting Environment 

Plan for someone to accompany your pet in the backseat if you’re travelling with family or friends. Being close to someone will hopefully make your pet feel comforted and more relaxed than if they were sitting alone for the trip. Having someone in the backseat also provides an opportunity for a quick reaction if your pet begins to display serious signs of distress.  

Depending on the size of your pet’s bed, if it will fit place it on the backseat so they have something familiar and comfortable to lay on. Bring a few of their favourite toys and treats along to offer a distraction, but be sure not to go overboard. You don’t want your pet to feel overwhelmed or worse – carsick!

Keep Them Contained

Products such as carriers and seatbelt attachments will not only make your pet feel more secure but also prevent distracting moments during the car ride. Especially if your pet is prone to trying to climb into the front seat with you! 

  • Carriers 

For fur babies that get overly anxious while travelling, consider keeping them in a carrier during the car ride. Whether travelling with a cat or smaller dog, a carrier can provide your furry friend with a sense of security as you hit the road. 

  • Seatbelt Attachments 

Seatbelt tethers or harnesses will keep your pet contained to the backseat and hopefully leave them feeling safer. Like a carrier, a seatbelt harness may also provide your pet with some added comfort as they’ll feel strapped in tight and protected. 

Calming Products 

Seeing our beloved animals stressed out and uncomfortable is never a fun feeling for pet parents. Luckily, the products below can aid in alleviating that stress while travelling. 

  • Thundershirts

A great tool for easing your pet’s nerves while travelling, Thundershirts offer a dramatic calming effect which relieves anxiety in most dogs and cats. The design produces a gentle, calming pressure when worn and requires no training at all – just place the Thundershirt on your pet and observe the results!

  • Mellow Pet Spray

For use on dogs, Mellow Pet Spray is an immediate response spray that delivers a calm, soothing effect. Containing several essential oils such as lavender and marjoram, this spray helps your dog relax in a variety of anxiety-inducing situations, such as travelling. The spray can be used either directly on the fur or a bandana tied around the neck and should be applied at least one hour before getting into the car.

  • Comfort Calm Chews

If your dog is 10 months or older, you can also consider using this Comfort Calm supplement made with key natural ingredients. Give your pup one of these chewable tablets one hour before beginning your trip to reduce the anxiety and tension that they experience in the car.

If you and your pet are hitting the road this long weekend, hopefully the above tips will help you enjoy a stress-free, fun-filled time together!

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