Dental Hygiene Tips for Your Pet

Dog yawning

February is Dental Month, and what better time to take steps to improve your furry friend’s oral health? Not only can a daily oral care routine help keep your pet happy and healthy, but it can also prevent you from having to put up with bad breath when cuddling with your beloved companion! From toothbrushes and breath sprays to dental chews and more, there are plenty of ways you can support good oral health in your pet.

  • Slurp’n Fresh: With formulas available for cats and dogs, Slurp’n Fresh Oral Hygiene Solutions use a blend of natural plant extracts that work to eliminate the odour causing compounds that lead to bad breath. The solution can be added straight to your pet’s water and will also help to reduce plaque and tartar. In addition to their water additives, Slurp’n Fresh also has a variety of breath sprays available to help eliminate bad breath in your furry friend. Choose from flavours such as Mint, Bubble Gum, Strawberry and Cinnamon flavours and simply spray on your pet’s teeth and gums twice a day for a fast and effective way to improve oral hygiene. 
  • Dental Chews and Treats: Not only a great way to help reduce plaque and tartar on your pet’s teeth, dental chews and treats can also provide your companion with a delicious snack. With a wide selection of dental chews and treats available that are specifically designed to help promote oral health, there’s no shortage of drool-worthy options to keep your pet happy! 
    • Greenies: With treat recipes available for both our feline friends and canine companions, Greenies dental treats can help clean teeth and freshen breath. With a delicious taste that will please most dogs and cats, Greenies can keep your pet happy while helping to reduce tartar. 
    • PlaqueOff Dental Bones: Grain, gluten and soy free, PlaqueOff Dental Bones are made with natural sea kelp and help clean plaque and tartar by abrasive action. Available in a variety of flavours such as Turkey & Cranberry, Chicken & Pumpkin, Bacon and Vegetable, they can help freshen breath when used as part of your dog’s daily oral care routine. 
  • Toothbrushes: Brushing your pet’s teeth regularly can help to improve their breath and oral health. There are toothbrushes and toothpastes specially designed for cats and dogs in flavours to help them enjoy having their teeth brushed! Be sure to never use human toothpaste as ingesting these products could be dangerous to your beloved companion. The earlier you start brushing your pet’s teeth the more used to it they will be, but it’s never too late to start!
  • Raw Food: As raw food does not have added starches or sugars, feeding your pet a raw diet containing natural enzymes can help protect their teeth and gums and lead to better breath. In addition, feeding your dog raw meaty bones can help scrape plaque off their teeth.

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