Benefits of Freeze-Dried Food

As most of us like to be aware of what’s in the food we eat, it’s also important to be well-informed when it comes to what we’re feeding our furry friends. These days, there are plenty of options available for pet parents who are looking to feed their companions nutritious food to enhance their health and well-being.

One of those options is freeze-dried food, in which the food is frozen and has all its water removed. Ren’s Pets carries a selection of freeze-dried food products for dogs and cats in-store and online. Here are some of the benefits to feeding your dog or cat a freeze-dried diet.

High-Quality Ingredients

Ingredients that contain a high number of nutrients, such as meats, organs, edible bones, fruits and vegetables, make up most freeze-dried pet foods. Because of this, a lot of pet parents enjoy feeding freeze-dried food to their pets as an alternative to raw as it can be more convenient and considerably less messy.

As freeze-dried food is comprised of high-quality ingredients, it tends to be sold at a higher price point. If you’re interested in incorporating freeze-dried food into your pet’s meal routine but don’t want to spend the money on a full freeze-dried diet, consider using a meal mixer. Simply add a scoop of the freeze-dried meal mixer to your pet’s kibble for an easy way to add nutritious raw meat, fruits, vegetables, probiotics and antioxidants to their diet.

Long Lasting

Due to the freeze-drying process, these types of pet foods tend to have a long shelf life thanks to their low moisture content. The freeze-drying acts as a preservative, making these products quite convenient as you can keep a package on hand in case of emergencies.

Great Taste

Thanks to the nutrient-rich meats, organs and edible bones that can be found in freeze-dried products, most dogs tend to prefer this type of food over kibble. As most dogs seem to really enjoy the taste of freeze-dried food, you can also choose to occasionally feed it to your dog as a treat without having to worry about it spoiling on the shelf.

If you’re considering switching your pet to a freeze-dried diet, it’s a good idea to consult with your veterinarian beforehand. While there are many benefits to a freeze-dried diet, it’s important that you determine whether this type of meal routine is appropriate for your pet’s specific needs.

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