Benefits of a Slow Feeder

Pet parents know how excited most of our furry friends can get at just the sight or smell of food! While we want them to be happy and enjoy mealtime, we also need to make sure that their eating habits aren’t detrimental to their health and well-being. If your canine companion is known to inhale their food when mealtime rolls around, a slow feeder can help prevent health risks caused by eating too quickly.

Reduced Gas and Improved Digestion 

When your canine companion gulps and inhales their food, they often ingest air as well. While this air can sometimes be passed as gas it can also cause bloat, or gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV). Some of the dangers of GDV include an expanded and twisted stomach, which can cause breathing and blood flow issues and can be fatal. A dog suffering from GDV may have symptoms such as restlessness, pale gums, excessive drooling, a distended stomach and trying to vomit without anything coming up. If you think your dog might be suffering from GDV, take them to the animal hospital immediately so they can get the medical attention they need. 

In addition to helping to prevent gas and bloating in your beloved companion, a slow feeder can also promote good digestion. By slowing your dog down while eating and encouraging them to actually chew their food, they will be able to properly digest and absorb the nutrients within it. 

Lower Choking Risk 

While helping to improve digestion and gut health may be more of a long-term benefit of a slow feeder, they can also help reduce the risk of choking while eating! While large dogs have a tendency to inhale their food while eating, choking is an obvious risk for dogs of any size when eating too fast. By encouraging your dog to eat slowly, a slow feeder can help make sure your dog properly chews their food before swallowing and hopefully prevent any choking hazards. 

Mental Stimulation 

Not only can slow feeder bowls help improve your pooch’s physical health, but they can also keep them mentally stimulated! With a variety of puzzle designs available, many slow feeder bowls feature rings and pockets of variable sizes to keep your dog engaged and provide them with a challenge! 

If you don’t want to purchase a whole new bowl, the Gobble Stopper is a great alternative and can still help slow down your furry friend while they eat! Easy to use, just select the right size for your pet’s bowl and simply stick the Gobble Stopper’s suction cup to the center of the bowl. The Gobble Stopper features an easy-lift tab so you can remove it for easy cleaning, but it is still extremely difficult for your dog to remove! 

While slow feeder bowls can offer many benefits to your beloved companion, and reduce some of your stress and worry, it’s important to always consult your veterinarian before switching up their meal routine.

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