Celebrity, Liver Bites

Celebrity, Liver Bites
Brand: Celebrity
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Chewmasters Liver Bites 

Get your chew on with these delicious and healthy liver bite treats by Chewmasters! Made with pure, 100% cetified USDA inspected beef liver! And for the health-conscious pet-owners, there is less than 8 calories per treat which makes these liver bites a great snack for those pooches who need to watch their weight. Other pet treats can have by-products and ariticial flavours, preservatives, or colours, but Chewmasters says NO to anything but 100% natural beef liver! These make a great training aid and an even better occasional snack - no refrigeration required! With a resealable package, your liver bites will stay as fresh as possible. Trust in Chewmasters to provide a healthy and tasty snack that pets of any size will adore!

  • 100% Natural!openingtomorrow
  • Pure beef liver
  • Less than 8 calories per treat
  • No artificial preservative, flavours or colours
  • Made in the USA

Ingredients: Pure beef liver