Mars, Stripping Knife, Wooden

Mars, Stripping Knife, Wooden
Mars, Stripping Knife, Wooden
Brand: Mars
SKU: 104063
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Mars Wooden Stripping Knife is part of the Coat King line of products that are specially designed to help with hand stripping and removing the undercoat before grooming. This stainless steel stripping knife is best suited for use with terriers, but can be used on any breed and coat type. The Wooden Stripping Knife quickly strips large areas, removing loose hair and thick undercoats, while detangling and dematting. 


  • Curved, sharpened, stainless steel teeth with rounded ends
  • Leaves the coat looking and feeling healthy with show quality results

The Coat King knives are popular with many professional groomers, as well as individual dog owners. 

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