Q, Soft Pin Slicker with Flat Back

Q, Soft Pin Slicker with Flat Back
Q, Soft Pin Slicker with Flat Back
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Take that, matt! 

Get rid of those naughty knots with The Q Matts B Gone de-matter comb! It'll feel like butter in your hands - comfortable and easy to use! Master your de-matting skill without shortening coat length. This spunky and short tool will cut through stubborn matts so you can get on with your grooming routine quickly. Comes in 2 different blade varieties: 9 blade and 5 blade. 


  1. Best used with a pet de-tangler. Work the de-tangler into the matted fur before beginning.
  2. Break up the mat with your fingers. Hold mat and pull gently away from other hairs. Work outside in. Avoid loosening hairs that don't come out easily.
  3. Hold hair below the mat in one hand and place comb in other hand.
  4. Detangle the ends of the matted hair with the comb. Place the comb near the ends of the matted hair and use a slight picking motion to de-tangle.
  5. Move comb closer to the skin and continue using picking motion. Avoid working bottom up because it causes the fur to compress.
Existing reviews
Good quality slicker brushes
I have bought and use all 4 sizes of the Q slicker brushes and the Sensetive  area slicker. The handles are soft and offer good grip which makes them easy to use. They do a good job of removing loose and tangled hair as well as knots, as I stated before the construction is good and they last through a lot of brushing with out showing any signs of wear.
Date: 1/10/2017 12:50 PM
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small size
for the price its an excellent brush, but what they consider a medium size brush, I consider small. I would recommend you order a size large or xlarge.
Date: 10/4/2017 11:33 PM
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