Wahl, Showman Dirty Beastie Shampoo - Gal

Wahl, Showman Dirty Beastie Shampoo - Gal
Wahl, Showman Dirty Beastie Shampoo - Gal
Brand: Wahl
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Get your paws off me you darn dirty pup! Got one dirty dog on your hands? We've got you covered! This Showman Dirty Beastie Shampoo by Wahl is formulated specifically for use on dirty, thick, or matted coats. It contains all natural ingredients with no harmful detergents or cleansers. The perfectly balanced formula including extracts of deliciously smelling peach, pear, passion-flower and kiwi fruit, will effectively deodorise even the smelliest pets! Formulated for all animal hair types including horses, dogs, cattle, goats, llama, alpaca, rabbits and ferrets, Dirty Beastie Shampoo rinses out easily, removing any ‘nasty niffs’. The coat will be clean, conditioned and manageable, with a fresh, lasting scent. Concentrated 32:1
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