Nzymes, Ox-E-Drops, Refill with Dropper Bottle - 8 oz

Nzymes, Ox-E-Drops, Refill with Dropper Bottle - 8 oz
Nzymes, Ox-E-Drops, Refill with Dropper Bottle - 8 oz
Brand: Nzymes
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Nzymes Ox-E-Drops are meant for pets of all ages to give a variety of benefits. These drops release precursors, which assist the body in the removal of potentially dangerous free radicals and toxins, and can also help enhance immune system function. Since the drops are also very alkaline (pH 13), it may help support healthy digestion and promote better energy and endurance.

Feeding and Usage Directions: 

For TOPICAL uses, Ox-E-Drops should always be properly diluted with water before any application to skin or bodily areas. Generallu, mix one (1) teaspoon of the Ox-E-Drops Concentrate with 8 ounces (1 cup) of filtered water. Distilled water is preferred for use in the ears or eyes. Soak the pad of a bandage with the 2 % solution and apply to the affected area.  Soak a cotton ball, a cotton swab or spray bottle. For most topical purposes a diluted 2% solution is entirely adequate. 
For INTERNAL use, mix 1 drop per each 20 lbs. of your pet's body weight  with a teaspoon/tablespoon or more of water. Use a dropper or oral syringe to give the mixed solution to your pet, being careful to squirt the mixture along the pet's teeth tooth line and not down the throat. This is the best way to avoid choking and getting fluid in the lungs.
Other uses:
  • Add 2-3 drops of the Ox-E-Drops Concentrate to a pet's water dish each time it is filled, especially when traveling out of state or country. This can help keep the water pure, and may help freshen breath or promote gum health
  • The 2% Ox-E Topical solution is perfect for spraying or brushing your pet's teeth. Place 10 drops in a glass with about 1 ounce of water and soak the bristles before brushing
  • As an ear cleaner: Saturate a cotton ball with the Ox-E 2% Topical solution and gently squeeze the cotton ball to drip some solution into the ear canal, letting it trickle down. Allow the pet to shake off excess. Then use the wet cotton ball to first wipe away or clean any buildup or debris. Finally, work the solution around to wet the entire ear surface and gently wipe or blot the inner ear areas dry


ACTIVE: 5% - Sodium Chlorite
INERT: 95% - Inert Ingredients (Reverse Osmosis Water)
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