North States, Super Feeder with Aluminum Pole - 6'

North States, Super Feeder with Aluminum Pole - 6'
Brand: North States
SKU: 104979
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  • 3-Tube Feeder with 6-Foot Pole.
  • Versatile, top-of-the-line Birdfeeder designed to attract a variety of birds.
  • Comes with 4-section 6' x 1.25" aluminum pole.
  • Feeder can also be used as a hanging model (adapter included).
  • Large 16” diameter top functions as a squirrel baffle for hanging model.
  • Three see-through chambers can hold 10-12 lbs. of regular, sunflower or thistle seed. It has metal squirrel-resistant feeding stations for regular and sunflower seed.
  • Three plastic feeding stations for thistle seed also included.
  • Easy-fill, revolving top.
  • Large 14" seed tray.
  • Measures 22.5" high by 15.25" diameter.