Andis, Cool Care - 15.5 oz

Andis, Cool Care - 15.5 oz
Andis, Cool Care - 15.5 oz
Brand: Andis
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Cool, man!

The all-in-one spray that keeps clipper blades at their best! This Cool Care spray made by Andis is so simple to use and comes in handy for whatever you need! It cleans, disinfects and lubricates clipper blades and teeth in one step without removing the blades from the clipper. It keeps your clipper motor in good-as-new and prevents discomfort for your client due to a warm, overused clipper. 

Cool Care also prevents rust and acts as coolant to cool the clipper, extending the life of the blade.The disinfectant is a virucide, fungicide, batericide and tuberculoci. Special SureGrip™ sculpted can is easy to hold and the high pressure nozzle sprays hair out blade teeth with ease.

  • 5-1 formula is a coolant, disinfectant, lubricant and cleanera
  • Virucide, fungicide, batericide and tuberculocide
  • Rust preventative
  • Country fresh scent

Usage Tips

To cool hair clippers: Turn the clipper off occasionally during use to spray the blade and teeth. The lubricating aerosol sprays away hair, dandruff and dust particles, and cools the metal. No need to rinse.

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