Things to Consider When Choosing a Bed for Your Dog

The best way to choose a dog bed is to observe your dog prior to purchasing.

Measuring Your Dog

The best way to determine which size bed is best for your dog is to measure from their nose to the base of their tail, then add 6 – 12 inches. This is not an exact science but will give a rough estimate on which bed will fit them best.

Type of Sleeper

How your dog prefers to sleep can play a large roll in how much space they need. Most dogs sleep in a variety of positions, so it is best to choose a bed that will accommodate them all.

a.      Sprawlers

These dogs like to stretch out on their side or back when they sleep, creating the need for some additional space. Flat beds with ample room for spreading out are best for this position.

b.      Curlers

These dogs tend to curl up into a tight ball. This is an instinctual sleeping position to conserve body heat and stay protected. This position does not require as much space and can do with a slightly smaller or circular bed.

c.      Leaners

These dogs like to sleep with their head resting on something or their bodies pressed against a surface. This provides a sense of security to the dog. A bed with a raised or plush sides is most supportive of this position.


Consider your dog’s age when picking out a bed. While younger dogs will usually sleep on any surface in a variety of positions, older dogs may need a little more support and cushion to help provide some relief to their aching joints.

When in doubt, a larger bed will provide more space for your dog to spread out and find the position that they are most comfortable in.

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