Water Safety for your Dog

Swimming is a favourite pastime of many in the summer – including our dogs! Jumping in a lake or diving into a pool is a quick and easy way for you and your dog to cool off on a hot summer day. While it’s important that your furry friend has fun when swimming, it’s even more important that they’re as safe as possible when in the water.   

Start Small 

While most dogs instinctively know how to swim, don’t assume this is the case for your pooch! Before taking them for a swim in a lake, pool or other deep body of water, start them off somewhere shallow. Be sure not to force your dog in, but if they are interested in swimming this will help you determine how they react to being in the water. Some dogs simply do not like swimming, while others may not be the best suited for it. Certain breeds may have a harder time staying afloat than others, so it’s very important to start them off somewhere where there’s no chance of them sinking! 

Keep an Eye Out 

No matter where you are, make sure to always watch your dog while they’re in the water! Dogs can easily tire while swimming, so whether you’re in your backyard or at a beach, make sure you keep an eye on them at all times. It’s easy to get pulled away by life’s many distractions while your pup is in the water, but it’s crucial not to! 

Life Jackets 

Even if your dog loves being in the water and is a good swimmer, consider getting them a life jacket for some added safety. Not only will a life jacket help your dog stay afloat if they start getting tired, but most have handles to assist you in lifting your companion out of the water. Should you happen to get distracted for a second, a high-visibility colour life jacket can also help you quickly spot your four-legged friend in the water. 

Drinking Water 

As swimming can be a good workout for your dog, it’s important to have fresh drinking water available so they aren’t tempted to drink pool or lake water! A water bottle can be very convenient when taking a trip to the cottage, beach or friend’s house, and if you’re at home, be mindful of how full your dog’s water bowl is.

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