Summer Ren’ssentials

With endless opportunities to spend time outdoors with our fur babies, summer is a favourite season of many pet parents. From playing in the backyard and the park to embarking on a vacation, it’s hard to deny that sunshine and fresh air makes time spent with our pets even better! While it’s not hard to enjoy a fun-filled day with your furry friend in the summer, there are many ways you can keep your pet safe and enhance their outdoor adventures. 

Water Bottles and Bowls 

As the temperatures continue to rise this summer, it’s important to make sure that our pets stay hydrated throughout the day. Whether running around in the park or just basking in the sun, access to clean, fresh water is crucial to keeping our pets happy and healthy. Extremely convenient when on-the-go, water bottles and collapsible bowls are great tools to provide your pet with a quick drink of water any time they need one! 

Cooling Mats, Vests and Bandanas 

Whether travelling, enjoying a day outside or in a house that gets quite hot, a cooling mat can help provide your pet with some relief from the heat. Your pet will enjoy lounging on the comfortable surface while simultaneously bringing their body temperature down. Similar to a cooling mat, a lightweight material cooling vest or bandana that uses evaporative cooling can help keep your pet cool on those hot summer days! 


Harnesses and leashes are great tools to keep your pet safe while enjoying the outdoors together this summer. Great for both dogs and cats, placing a harness on your four-legged friend can help keep them by your side if they’re in the mood to explore the great outdoors! Harnesses can also be very handy while travelling. Not only can they prevent your pet from climbing into the front seat and distracting you while driving, they may also make your pet feel more secure and calm.   

Calming Products 

Summer is the time for vacation, but unfortunately some of our pets may not enjoy taking a road trip as much as we do. They can often get stressed out while travelling, and as pet parents, we never want to see our beloved companions uncomfortable. Thundershirts can be a great addition to your trip, as they can ease your pet’s nerves while travelling by offering a dramatic calming effect which relieves anxiety in most dogs and cats.   

Sunscreen and Bug Spray 

Humans protect themselves with sunscreen and bug spray when planning to spend time outdoors, so why shouldn’t our furry friends do the same? Dog sunscreens can be useful in protecting skin from the sun – especially areas that aren’t covered by fur. There are insect repellents designed specifically for dogs, helping to protect against pests such as mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. For added protection from head to tail, a flea and tick collar can also be used to deter these insects.

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