Ren’s Canadian Brand Spotlight: Crumps’ Naturals

Beginning production in the garage of their Caledon, Ontario home in 2006, Joe and Margot Crump have quickly grown the Crumps’ Naturals brand into one that is known for producing high-quality, innovative products within the pet specialty industry. Now located in Brampton, Ontario with over 60,000 sq. feet of kitchen and office space and over 65 team members, this Canadian brand is constantly working towards developing new products that offer pet parents healthy options for their four-legged friends.

As Ren’s Pets aims to be an active part of our communities, we’re proud to source products from a company like Crumps’ Naturals that contributes to community organizations within Canada. Crumps’ Naturals has previously donated to the Toronto Humane Society, Sit With Me Shelter Dog Rescue, St. John’s Ambulance and more!

A Canadian company, Crumps’ Naturals products are made with minimal ingredients such as Canadian beef, Canadian chicken, Canadian apples and more! Free from additives, colours and preservatives, Crumps’ Naturals strives to create products that are unique, healthy and natural to provide your companion with many benefits.

From delicious treats to nutritious food, Crumps’ Naturals has a wide range of products available for your furry friend: 

  • Mini Trainers: If you want to provide your pup with some extra encouragement while training, these treats make the perfect reward! Available in freeze-dried and semi-moist options, these flavourful bite-sized treats are a great tool for training your dog without all the calories. 
  • Plaque Busters: Available in drool-worthy flavours such as Bacon, Beef, Chicken, and Fisherman’s Mix, these dental chews promote healthy oral hygiene in your dog. They’re a natural way to clean your dog’s teeth while letting them enjoy a delicious treat! 
  • Beef Liver Sprinkles: Made with a single ingredient (Canadian beef), add some extra flavor to your pooch’s food with these Beef Liver Sprinkles! Whether your dog is an apprehensive eater, needs extra protein, or you just want to spoil them, these liver sprinkles will add some excitement to their meal. 
  • Gutsy Dinners: Designed to promote a healthy gut and digestion in dogs, this dehydrated food is made from high-quality ingredients such as antibiotic and hormone free chicken, organic fruits and vegetables and more. 

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