Protecting Your Dog's Paws in the Winter

It may be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy the great outdoors with your four-legged family member! Whether your pup loves to frolic in the snow or enjoy a leisurely walk in the crisp winter air, it’s important to be proactive to make sure their paws are protected this season. 

If you’re planning on using an ice melter in your yard or on your driveway this winter, there are pet-friendly options that are specially formulated to be non-harmful to your dog’s paws. However, most salts used by people in the wintertime are not pet-friendly and can irritate your dog’s paws if they are exposed to it. When you and your beloved companion return home from your walk, make sure to wipe down their paws and legs to remove any potential irritants. Depending on where your adventure took you, it’s also a good idea to wipe down their belly just in case! 

You can also consider purchasing protective boots for your furry friend to help keep their paws safe and warm all winter long. From sock-like booties to more rugged ones, there are a variety of options available to suit your dog.   

  • Muttluks: Featuring a unique combination of quality, comfort and durability, Muttluks Snow Mushers can help keep your dog’s paws safe and comfortable this winter. These rugged winter boots have an inner fleece lining to keep your pup pawsitively cozy and an extra-large opening to make it easy to get the boots on your dog’s feet. With flexible rubber soles for traction and reflective accents for nighttime visibility, Muttluks Snow Mushers can provide your pup with added safety in the winter. 
  • RC Pets Sport PAWks: Ideal for indoor and outdoor wear, RC Pets Sport PAWks offer superior grip and protection from outdoor irritants, while keeping your fur baby’s paws warm! 
  • Pawz: Reusable, waterproof and disposable, Pawz dog booties are made of natural rubber and are 100% biodegradable. Made without zippers or straps, Pawz are designed to go on easily and fit your furry friend’s paws securely while protecting them from outdoor irritants.

If your fur baby isn’t a fan of wearing boots, paw balm is another great way to keep their paws protected.

  • Pawmagik: Made in Canada with an all-natural beeswax-based formula, Pawmagik provides a natural alternative for protecting your dog’s sensitive paws. Available in both a cream and convenient roll-up format, Pawmagik’s non-toxic formula provides a layer of protection and can also heal, soothe and moisturize chapped paw pads.

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