Pet Holiday Hazards: What Not To Feed Pets

You do not want to dampen the holiday spirit with a trip to the vet. You need to know what to do if something happens and your dog eats the wrong thing. Here are all the common holiday items and food that can be harmful to pets you need to keep away from them at all costs.

Do Not Feed Pet the Following

In general, you do not want to give your pooch fatty and rich foods. These can cause problems ranging from upset stomachs to pancreatitis. Other food to keep away from dogs includes:

• Chocolate, Tea, and Coffee: Chocolate should be avoided at all costs, but you also want to keep tea and coffee away. All these foods contain xanthines, which can damage a dog’s nervous system.
• Meat Bones: Meat itself is often fine, but you need to avoid giving your dog a piece of meat with bone in it. The dog can ingest the bone, leading to damage in the intestinal tract
• Macadamia Nuts, Raisins and Grapes: All of these are toxic for pets.
• Gingerbread Cookies and Candy Canes: A dog will have an upset stomach after consuming any of these, and eventually, it can lead to intestinal obstruction.
• Alcohol: Similarly to humans, dogs will become intoxicated from consuming alcohol.

You do not want to leave any tobacco products laying around where a dog could get to them. The dog will develop symptoms of poisoning within 45 minutes. You also need to make sure your dog does not eat lily, poinsettia or mistletoe as these are all toxic to dogs.

Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season

It is better to learn how to avoid a disaster than to unexpectedly drive to the vet on Christmas Eve. Luckily, you can purchase plenty of regular dog treats and food at Ren’s Pets. Browse 1000s of items on our website to see what your pooch and kitty would like best.

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