First Aid and Safety Gear for Your Dog

Whether taking your dog for a leisurely stroll around the block, embarking on an adventure or helping them heal after an injury or surgery, it’s important to always be prepared to keep them safe! Luckily, there are many first aid and safety products available that can help ensure your four-legged family member remains as safe and comfortable as possible.  

KONG Cloud Collar 

Soft and comfy, the KONG Cloud Collar can help keep your furry friend safe as they heal without interfering with their ability to eat or drink! Whether your pooch is dealing with a rash or recovering from an injury or surgery, this inflatable collar can help keep them relaxed and comfortable. The collar is made from a tough, machine-washable material that is scratch and bite resistant and features a strong hook and loop securing strap to prevent your fur baby from removing it.  

RC Pets First Aid Kit 

Most pet parents will do anything to keep our four-legged family members safe and sound, but unfortunately sometimes accidents happen that are out of our control. There may be a time where your beloved companion gets hurt and you’re unable to get them to a veterinarian immediately, so it’s important to be prepared to ease as much pain as possible! With a convenient, compact design, the RC Pets Pocket Pet First Aid Kit can be clipped to your bag, belt or leash accessory ring to provide you with a sense of security on your daily doggy adventures. Holding first aid essentials such as latex-free gloves, antiseptic wipes, gauze pads and rolls, first aid tape and bandages, this first aid kit can be a great tool in easing your pet’s discomfort if they get into a mishap.  

RC Pets Canine Friendly High Visibility Vest 

Whether taking your furry friend for a walk during the day or at night, the RC Pets High Visibility Vest can provide your dog with extreme visibility. Featuring a neon orange mesh fabric with reflective piping and an adjustable elastic girth strap, your dog will be not only be safe but comfortable as well! The lightweight neon mesh fabric provides your fur baby with 100% breathability and allows them to be easily spotted if necessary. 

Nite Ize LED Eco SpotLit 

Another great tool to increase your pet’s visibility in low light, the Nite Ize LED Eco SpotLit is a mini-beacon that helps you and those around you keep an eye on your pooch! Featuring a long-lasting LED lightbulb set in a lightweight stainless steel carabiner, the SpotLit gives off a bright, ambient glow and can be quickly and easily attached to your pet’s collar. The SpotLit is water-resistant and can either give off a steady glow or flash repeatedly depending on which mode you select.  

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