Pet Bowls and Feeders

Whether your four-legged friend is a fussy eater, overweight or you have a busy schedule, there are a variety of feeders and water fountains available to help your pet maintain a healthy lifestyle! If you think your pet might be overweight, it’s a good idea to consult with your veterinarian to determine the cause and most appropriate way for them to lose the weight. However, incorporating an innovative feeder into your pet’s meal routine has the potential to help them shed some pounds, stick to a schedule and be healthy!

Petkit Scale Bowls 

Featuring a built-in digital scale, the Petkit Fresh Smart Anti-Bacterial Bowl tracks the weight of your furry friend’s food in lbs, grams and ounces. Available in White, Mondrian and Milk Cow designs, the bowl works with the convenient Petkit app to determine how many calories your pet is consuming – just simply input the brand of dog or cat food and the weight of food in the bowl! Not only can this bowl help four-legged family members achieve and maintain a healthy weight, but it also features an anti-bacterial BioCleanAct material to eliminate a large majority of bad bacteria and germs. 

Instachew Smart Pet Feeder 

Another great tool to help fur babies maintain a healthy weight, the Instachew Smart Pet Feeder automatically dispenses your pet’s food based on the appropriate portions recommended for their size and breed. With the ability to access the feeder remotely through a convenient app, you can schedule your pet’s meals to be automatically delivered into their bowl! The feeder also features an HD camera, allowing you to check in on your pet while you’re away and even snap a picture or take a video! A voice recording function can capture up to 10 seconds of your voice to remind your pet of feeding times, or you can call and speak to them in real-time. 

Doc and Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Feeder 

When a cat is unable to act on its natural instincts, such as hunting for food, it will often act out instead. If your cat has been behaving poorly and you're looking to improve their mood while also reducing frustrations of your own, the Doc & Phoebe's Indoor Hunting Feeder can help. Rather than placing your feline friend’s food in a regular bowl, this feeder features three Doc & Phoebe Mice which act as a bowl replacement. Each morning and night, simply fill the three feeders with kibble, hide them throughout your home and wait for your feline companion to hunt them down!

As a cat's stomach is quite small, the combination of multiple smaller portions and plenty of exercise throughout the day will help prevent overeating. This will not only leave your cat feeling happier, but healthier and more energetic too. As if they've successfully caught their own prey, they'll feel proud each time they find one of the feeders! 

Petkit Pet Fountain 

For those pet parents with very busy schedules, a pet water fountain can help ensure your furry friend has access to clean, fresh drinking water without you having to worry about freshening up their bowl.

The Petkit Pet Fountain features a unique water flow design, encouraging your cat or dog to take a drink and stay hydrated. With a triple purifying system, the Petkit Pet Fountain effectively screens impurities, reduces chlorine and removes heavy metal ions from your pet’s drinking water. 

When operating in “Normal” mode, water will continuously flow to ensure your pet always has access. The energy-saving “Smart” mode has a quieter operation and will turn off anytime the water is not being used. Equipped with a light sensor, this innovative pet water fountain will notify you that a refill is required when the water level falls below a certain threshold.

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