No Fence, No Problem: Enjoying the Outdoors with your Pet

From basking in the hot summer sun to jumping through piles of leaves or snow, most pets will take any chance they get to go outside. As pet parents, we want our four-legged friends to have as much fun as possible but also need to make sure we keep their surroundings in mind. Whether your backyard is unfenced or you’re taking a trip somewhere with a lot of open area, there are ways to ensure your pet can explore without having to worry.   

Tie Out Cables and Stakes

Suitable for both cats and dogs, the combination of a tie out cable and stake can help ease your nerves while your pet is outside. These items can be very useful in keeping your furry friend contained while outdoors, whether in a fenceless backyard, campsite, cottage or other open area. As there are many different lengths and thicknesses available, make sure you select the tie out cable that is most appropriate for your cat or dog

Keeping in mind that tie out stakes are best suited for softer ground, such as soil or sand, simply place the stake in the ground and adjust as needed until it feels secure. You can then attach a durable tie out cable to the stake and your beloved companion’s collar and let the fun begin! For those who don’t want to leave a tie out cable in the yard while your pet is indoors, this Retractable Tie Out Stake from Howard’s Pet Products stores the cable when not in use. 

Fence Systems 

If your front or backyard isn’t fenced in but you still want your pet to be able to roam around, fence systems can offer a great solution. If you’re considering installing a fence system in your yard, make sure you select one that is appropriate for your dog’s size and follow all instructions. 

  • In-Ground Fence Systems

In-Ground fence systems, such as the PetSafe Deluxe In-Ground Fence System, can reduce your worry while giving your pet the freedom to explore. To install, you will need to determine the boundary that you want your pet to roam and then bury the wires in your yard. 

While outside, your pet will need to wear a collar that picks up a signal from a transmitter. If your pet approaches the boundary wires, they will be alerted by a beeping noise. If they choose to continue past the limits, the collar will administer a safe static correction to remind them that they should not leave the designated area. Featuring four adjustable levels of static correction and a tone-only mode, the collar makes it easy to train your pet to stay in the yard. 

  • Wireless Fence Systems 

If you don’t want to bury any wires, a wireless fence system can also help keep your dog from leaving the yard. Covering an adjustable circular area up to 3/4 of an acre, the PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence System is completely portable and can be set up rather quickly. Similar to the in-ground fence system, a rechargeable collar features five adjustable levels of static stimulation with a tone-only mode to help train your pet to obey the boundaries.

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