New Kitten Checklist

Bringing a new kitten home can be fun and exciting for the whole family! To help make your new kitten’s transition into your home a smooth one, make sure you’re prepared with all the essentials.


A collar with identification tags can be a great tool in keeping your new fur baby safe and sound. As your kitten is only going to continue to grow, consider purchasing an adjustable collar so you don’t have to replace it soon after buying it. If your cat seems interested in outdoor adventures, a harness and leash can help you enjoy the outdoors together! 

Litter and Litter Box 

Essential to your cat’s health, there are a wide variety of litter and litter boxes available to suit both your feline friend and your home. Fresh Cat Scoopable Cat Litter is made from all-natural bentonite clay and is blended with fresh scent that locks in odours and moisture on contact for easy disposal. Screened four times to eliminate dust, Fresh Cat Scoopable Cat Litter is an efficient cat litter to use for multiple cats of all ages, keeping your litter box clean and odour free. 

If you’re looking for a litter box that can help mask the scent of what your cat leaves behind, the Pura Litter Box with Smart Odour Eliminator is a great option! Featuring a built-in infrared thermal induction system that activates automatically when your cat leaves the litter box, the odour eliminator is designed to release negative ions and an air freshener to eliminate bacteria and odour.  

If you’re looking for a way to make cleaning up after your cat easier, a self-cleaning litter box can offer many benefits! Featuring an automatic rake system that sweeps waste into a covered compartment 20 minutes after your cat uses the litter box, the PetSafe ScoopFree Original Self-Cleaning Litter Box can help keep your home smelling fresh by locking away solid waste and odours! Packed in a convenient disposable litter tray, this self-cleaning litter box features a crystal cat litter that effectively reduces odour. 


There are many toys infused with catnip that can encourage your feline friend to play, keeping them happy and entertained! Available in adorable assorted designs, Wild Time Just Catnip Pillows are packed full of catnip and are sure to keep your cat busy as they swat at these lightweight pillows! Scratchers can help encourage appropriate scratching behaviour in your feline friend and keep them occupied throughout the day. Many scratchers have reversible surfaces to provide your cat with double the fun, and a lot are infused with catnip to motivate your cat to play!  


As you’ll want to ensure your new kitten remains healthy with trips to the veterinarian, it’s important to plan ahead to make sure they are as safe as possible when on the road. One way to keep your cat safe in the car is by using a carrier, however you’ll likely have to ease them into getting into it. 

Place the open carrier at home where it is easily accessible to your cat and try enticing them to get into it on their own once they seem comfortable. In an effort to create a comforting environment for your furry friend, try placing a toy or their bed in the carrier. The first few times your cat goes into the carrier on their own, consider rewarding them with a treat to encourage them to keep doing so.  

  • Hard-Sided: Often made of plastic, hard carriers offer a sturdy, durable option to keep your cat safe and contained while on the road. Because they’re made of plastic, these carriers are typically quite easy to clean should your cat have an accident while in the car. Depending on the size, they can also be quite roomy and allow your cat to move around while still feeling safe and secure.  
  • Soft-Sided: While soft carriers may not be as sturdy as hard ones, most are made out of flexible material that is firm enough to keep your cat safe while in the car. Many soft carriers also feature shoulder straps, making it extremely easy to transport your four-legged family member to and from the car. They can also be quite convenient if you have limited storage space, as many of them are collapsible thanks to their soft material.  


Non-tip food and water bowls can be great tools for preventing spills and messes in your kitchen, whether your kitten gets too excited while eating or you’re still getting used to having bowls on your floor! 

Pet Licensing 

After you’ve brought your new feline friend home, it’s important that you remember to get them licensed. DocuPet works with communities to boost funding for animal services by helping to increase pet license sales. In Ontario, only 13% of pet owners purchase mandatory pet licenses, yet 60% of animal shelter funding comes from pet licensing revenue (Source: DocuPet). We’ve partnered with DocuPet to help make each pet license as valuable to you as it is to animal welfare in our community – license your pet with DocuPet to receive a $25 Ren’s voucher, free HomeSafe Lost Pet service and tags linked to a secure online profile!

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