Keeping Your Pet Hydrated

We’ve all seen it – how quickly our pets can drain a bowl of water after a case of the zoomies or an intense play session! While it’s important that our pets rehydrate after exerting energy, it’s also important that they stay hydrated even when taking it easy. As pet parents, we’re responsible for ensuring that our four-legged family members have access to fresh, clean drinking water throughout the day to keep them healthy. Luckily, this can be quite an easy task to accomplish! 

Change Your Pet’s Water Often 

While some of us pet parents may wait until our pet’s water bowl is empty to change their water, it’s a good idea to do so more frequently. Depending on factors such as activity level, temperature and food intake, a pet may empty its water bowl very quickly one day and may take a while to do so the next. Even if your pet’s water bowl is still quite full, be sure to switch the water at least once or twice per day to make sure their drinking water remains fresh and clean. If you and your pet are out and about, be sure to bring a water bottle or collapsible bowl with you so you can make sure they stay hydrated throughout the day. 

Pet Fountains 

For those pet parents with very busy schedules, a pet water fountain can help ensure your furry friend has access to clean, fresh drinking water without you having to worry about freshening up their bowl. 

  • Petkit Pet Fountain 

The Petkit Pet Fountain features a unique water flow design, encouraging your cat or dog to take a drink and stay hydrated. With a triple purifying system, the Petkit Pet Fountain effectively screens impurities, reduces chlorine and removes heavy metal ions from your pet’s drinking water. When operating in “Normal” mode, water will continuously flow to ensure your pet always has access. The energy-saving “Smart” mode has a quieter operation and will turn off anytime the water is not being used. Equipped with a light sensor, this innovative pet water fountain will notify you that a refill is required when the water level falls below a certain threshold.

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