Keeping Your Dog Warm

As the seasons change and the temperature drops, we all start taking the heavy coats out of the closet. Most people think that dogs have “natural coats” and don’t need any extra protection during the colder seasons, but all along the chilly days, dogs also require special care.

The exposure to dry air, cold and icy rain can cause cracks in your dog's paws, itching, and scaling, but these are not the only discomforts your dog may experience. To help prevent the dangerously cold weather from affecting your dog's health, take a look at the following advice:


Keep Your Dog Warm and Cozy

We all know dogs need to go outside, not only when nature calls, but to walk and get some exercise. After every walk, make sure to wipe down the paws to remove any water, snow, salt, and dangerous chemicals used to antifreeze. After that, get your dog somewhere warm inside your house to warm up their body temperature.


To Bathe or Not to Bathe

There’s a common misconception among dog owners that dogs don’t need to be groomed, or only groomed minimally, over the colder seasons, but in the colder weather, grooming is even more important. If your dog is not well groomed, the long, matted hair makes is easy for dogs to wet, cold and more susceptible to infections. Talk to your groomer to know the optimal frequency of grooming sessions on fall and winter.


Warm Bed, Happy Dog

This may sound obvious, but just like us, dogs like to get toasty when they sleep. When shopping for a new bed, you should consider where your dog is going to sleep, whether it’s a warmer or colder place in the house and the size of the bed. Your dog will not be completely protected from the cold if the size is not appropriated for them.


Dress Up!

If you need to wear a coat, why shouldn’t your dog? Some dogs, especially the ones with thin skin and short hair can have their body temperature very quickly when they go outside, and it makes them more susceptible to cold-weather sicknesses such as dog flu and hypothermia. Fortunately, the pet apparel industry has been using the same technology used for human appeal to keep pets cozy and toasty. Even double-coated dogs that can endure the cold better than other dogs, such as Golden Retrievers, Huskies, Collies, Shelties, Shepherds, etc., can benefit from winter appeal with waterproof jackets, so they are not wet when they get home.

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