Keeping Your Dog Busy While You're Out

Most pet owners live a busy life and juggle between school, work, personal life, and their pets. Some of us are not lucky enough to work in a pet-friendly office or bring our pets to school. Our dogs typically end up spending a portion of the day alone. The truth is that without stimulation, dogs will find their own way to entertain themselves while you’re not home. We all know that a bored dog can be a destructive dog. Potentially finding a way to damage the whole house while you’re gone.

We gathered some tips you can use to keep your pup busy while you’re not home.


Provide Ways Your Dog Can Look Outside

Leave the curtains of the windows facing the backyard open so your dog can see what’s going on outside, but leave the windows with a busy view are covered. That way your pup doesn’t get too agitated.


Use a Toys You Can Stuff

Toys that you can stuff with your dog's favourite treats are great to keep them entertained for hours. Kong Original is a hollow toy made from a material that bounces and massages their gums during playtime. They can also be stuffed with treats, pastes, and broths. On the warmer days, you can freeze the Kong Original overnight and give it to your dog before you leave. This will provide an extra challenge and keep them busy for a longer time. Kongs also come in Puppy, Senior and EXTREME versions to suit your dog!


Scavenger Hunt

You can turn your dog’s mealtime into a fun hunt! Hiding small piles of kibbles in different parts of the house can keep them busy while they are looking for it. Just make sure to avoid the places that can be damaged if your dog decides to dig, or places that are not safe for your dog.


Anti-Stress Remedies

Calming remedies, such as sprays and supplements are an ally for any stressful situation. They will also comfort a dog that has separation anxiety while the owner is not home. You can pick from balms, tabs, sprays, diffusers, or chews!


Give Your Dog a puzzle  

Puzzle toys will not only keep your dog occupied for a long time but will also stimulate them mentally. These are great to hide toys and treats in, and allow your dog to use their natural instincts to figure out how to find their reward.


Get Your Dog a Furry Companion

There is no doubt that spending the day without a companion can be lonely. Getting your dog new brother or sister will make the hours you’re away easier for them to bare and give them someone to socialize with. When you get a new pet, you need to make sure that the new pet is healthy and will get along with the existing dog get along before you leave them alone.


Hire a Dog Walker To Walk Your Dog

Good companies offer excellent services where a dog walker can come to your home while you’re out and take your dog for a walk. This is an excellent opportunity for your dog to exercise and be busy for a while when you are out.


Dental Chews

Giving dental chews to your dog has several benefits. It can stop them from chewing on your belongings, keep them busy, and improving oral health is a bonus. There are lots of dental chews that you can choose from, depending on what your dog’s needs are!


New Toys (Toy Rotation)

Getting a new toy is always exciting, but most dogs get bored of toys very quickly. Instead of giving your dog access to all of the toys at once, you can rotate them and bring back the excitement.


Pet Camera

When we’re away from our dogs, we miss them too. A good way to deal with the time away is to get a pet camera to watch what your dog is doing during the day. Some cameras even have the features that allow you to talk to your dog and give them treats.


White Noise Machine

Some dogs just need to feel like they’re not alone. In some cases, a white noise machine or leaving the television on can be enough to calm down your dog and reduce barking.


Enroll Your Buddy in Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycare can also be a good option, if even with all the tips your dog still has too much anxiety when left alone. Good dog daycares will not only make sure your dog has company throughout the day, but they will also teach your dog how to socialize, share, and maybe even some tricks.

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