Keeping Your Cat Busy While You're Away

The summer break is over, and it’s time for most of us to go back to our school or work routines. While we may feel the blues of getting back to our busy lives, our cats can feel it even more. When it’s time for them to be alone again they miss you! Cats may be known as independent creatures, but the truth is, they love having company.

Here are a few fun tips, so your cat doesn’t have to count the hours until you’re back!


Play Hide and Treat

Just because you’re not home, it doesn’t mean that you can’t play hide and seek with your cat. You can hide small portions of your cat’s favourite treat around the house and let him or her seek them out while you’re not home. This is a fun way to keep them busy until you’re back.


Interactive Feeders

Today there are many options for interactive feeders to choose from to keep your cat entertained. These feeders are not your typical food bowl. With these challenging feeders, the cat has to work with their paws to get the kibbles out. It simulates the wild environment of a cat hunting to eat.


Cat Furniture

Cat furniture is an endless source of entertainment for cats. Most cat furniture has scratching posts, little tunnels and different levels so they can climb, plus a bed so they can take a relaxing nap.


Puzzles and Snacks

Puzzles are a great way to keep your cat mentally and physically engaged while you’re out. Since most cats are motivated by food, they will play with the puzzle until they figure out how to get the treat from the inside.


A Room with a View

Cats love looking outside and observing the wildlife. As a part of their predatorial nature, they can spend hours watching the birds and little animals. You can install a bird feeder outside your window, so they have even more fun watching the birds, just make sure your cat stays safely inside your home, to keep the birds safe outside too!


Cat Safe Greenery

You can provide your cat with a taste of the outdoors by getting some safe cat greenery. Catnip and wheatgrass are the best options to bring nature to your cat and keep them healthy.


White Noise

You can schedule some music to play on your stereo while you’re out or simply leave a white noise machine on. Cats even respond to songs and feel relaxed with background sound.


Get Your Cat a Pet

If your cat feels lonely, you can always try expanding your family. Having a furry friend to socialize with can release stress and making the time you’re at school or work pass faster. Adding a new family member can always be tense in the beginning, but with the time and a slow introduction, they will become best friends.



Consider building your cat a catio! A catio is a cat patio, an enclosure that gives cats access to the outside but keeps them safe from the possible dangers from the outdoors. It gives them an opportunity to exercise, watch the great outdoors, sunbathe, and enjoy the fresh air.


The Best Bed

We know cats will probably sleep in the most uncomfortable places possible, but if you invest in a good bedthat your cat loves, there are chances that Mr. Whiskers won’t even notice you’re gone while he is taking a long nap.


Boxes, Boxes, and More Boxes

Do you ever wonder why your cat loves boxes so much? It’s natural for them to look for confined places where they can hide from possible predators, stalk prey, and mostly just to feel safe. Leaving at least one box around the house is a good idea to make your cat feel safe without your presence.


And when you’re finally home, makeup from all the time away with lots of cuddles and playtime together.

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