Keep Busy with Your Pet

Dog laying on couch

At a difficult time like this, the companionship that our pets provide us with can help ease our minds and make our outlook on life a bit brighter. While many of us are taking necessary precautions and spending most of our time indoors, it’s important that we’re prepared with activities to keep our best friends (and ourselves) happy and entertained!

Scavenger Hunts

Consider setting up a “scavenger hunt” at home for your furry friend! Find pet-friendly, easily accessible spots around your house where you can hide your pet’s favourite treats. Follow along with them as they seek them out and enjoy a fun activity together!


If you’re working from home, make sure your pet has access to a variety of toys to keep them entertained and to prevent them from constantly distracting you. It’s always a good idea to supervise your pet when playing with a toy, so be mindful of which ones you give them if they’re in the same room with you as you work. A squeaky toy may not be ideal if you’re trying to draft up an email, make a call or anything else that requires a lot of focus!


If there is one in their reach, most of our feline friends can’t seem to resist jumping in and playing with a cardboard box. If you’ve been shopping online recently, consider reusing any cardboard boxes you may have received and let your cat have their fun! Just be sure that the box is completely empty and to keep an eye on them as they play, as with any of their regular toys.


Although spending more time indoors, regular exercise is still crucial in keeping your pets healthy. Maintaining your dog’s walking routine is not only important for their health, but it’s a great way to get some fresh air and clear your head. If you’re working from home, going for a quick walk with your dog is a great way to take your breaks! Just be sure when out for a walk that you are adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Not only do scratchers offer a great outlet to satisfy our feline friend’s natural instincts, but they can also keep them entertained and active! Cat trees in particular are a great way to exercise your cat as they climb to the various landings and get plenty of stretching in as they scratch.


While being brushed may not be every pet’s favourite pastime, it’s a great way to maintain their appearance and is an important part of supporting their physical health. If your pet enjoys (or tolerates) being brushed, it can even provide a great bonding opportunity! Now that spring is in the air, many of our pets will begin to shed more than usual and regular brushing can help to remove loose hair and keep them feeling happy and comfortable!

New Tricks

Whether young or old, teaching your dog a new trick is a fun way to bond and spend time together at home. Do some research and find the trick you think is best suited for your dog, grab some of his favourite treats and get started! Just make sure you’re being mindful of how many treats your pooch is getting.

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