Is Wet Food Better for Your Cat?

Dry food can be convenient, easy to store, last longer, and most of the time is cheaper than wet food. But as the name states, it’s dry. The process of making dry food, removes the moisture so it can last longer on the shelves, and as a result, cats can’t get the moisture they need from dry food alone.
When we talk about wet cat food, we often associate this type of food as a complement to dry food, or even a treat on special occasions, not a full meal. But nowadays, the wet food available in the on the shelves have enough nutrients for a healthy diet.
Has your cat ever tried to drink from the tap? Most cats don’t have the habit of drinking all the water they need because drinking from a water bowl is not as enticing as drinking from a moving water source like they would in the wild. The lack of moisture and water in their diet can lead to dehydration, kidney diseases, and urinary tract issues in the long run.
Wet food can be a great asset to help cats with all the moisture they need, here are the benefits of adding wet food to your cat’s diet:

•   Help make your cat balance the moisture in their diets
•   It can be heated, which makes the food more tasteful and your cat more eager to eat
•   It’s great for cats with oral problems due to its soft texture
•   Since the composition is richer, your cat can feel satisfied faster
•   The individual portions can prevent your cat from eating more than needed
•   The different textures can make mealtime more enjoyable to your cat

The truth is that there is no magic formula. Every cat has different needs and preferences. Talk to your vet to determine what is better for your kitty to have optimal health.

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