Holiday Petiquette Tips

The holidays are often filled with lots of love and laughter, but they can also be quite stressful for our furry friends if we’re not properly prepared. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or visiting family and friends this holiday season, take advantage of these tips to ensure everyone remains happy and comfortable! 

Don’t Assume! 

First things first, if you’re travelling and staying with a friend or family member over the holidays, don’t just assume that your fur baby is welcome! Always be sure to ask your host if your pet is welcome before bringing them along. While you may have been able to bring your pet with you last year, your host may have invited someone this year who has a pet allergy or is uncomfortable around animals. Even if your host has a pet of their own, their pet may not do well with others and could be seriously disrupted by the presence of your furry friend. 

Your host may allow you to bring your pet for a short visit but may not be comfortable with having them spend the night. If that’s the case, you can always research pet-friendly accommodations in the area. From hotels to quaint bed and breakfasts, there’s plenty of pet-friendly accommodations available for you to rest your head! A quick Google search will bring up a number of directories to help identify the most appropriate accommodations near your destination. 

It’s also a good idea to ask your host in advance what their ground rules are if your four-legged family member is welcome. Just because your pet is allowed on the furniture at your house doesn’t mean the same rules apply at their place! 

If you’re hosting family or friends this holiday season, make sure they know prior to their arrival that your pet will be around. While having a pet around may not seem like a big deal to you, keep in mind that not everyone has had the same exposure to pets. If this is the first time your pet will be meeting your family and friends, be sure to talk to them beforehand so they understand the proper way to greet your fur baby and ensure everyone remains happy and safe! 

Travel Tips 

If you and your furry friend are embarking on a road trip this holiday season to visit loved ones, make sure you’re prepared so that your car ride is as stress-free as possible! From barriers to carriers, designating an area within your car for your pet can help them feel safe and secure. These items can also help reduce the risk of distractions while driving, helping you and your beloved companion reach your destination safely.   

  • Barriers: If you don’t want to worry about your pet sneaking into the front seat while you’re driving, barriers are very useful. Attaching to the back of the front seats, your pet will be contained in the backseat. When installed, most barriers still offer enough room so that you can reach back and give your pet some scratches, so they don’t feel too isolated. 
  • Carriers: For cats and smaller dogs, carriers can be quite helpful in making sure your pet remains safe and sound while driving while providing them with a sense of comfort. 

Keep It Clean 

Be sure to pack plenty of cleaning supplies so you’re prepared should your furry friend make a mess at your host’s house! Pet odour and stain removers can come in handy to ensure that you leave the space in the same condition that you found it in. 

Create a Safe Space 

If your pet isn’t used to having a lot of people around and gets stressed out or anxious, carving out a certain area of your house for them can help keep them and your guests safe and happy! A pet gate can be a great tool for containing your dog to one area of your house while you have people over and there are a few things to consider when selecting the most appropriate one for your dog and home. 

The size of your dog should be one of the first things you consider when selecting a gate. If your dog is a larger breed (or happens to be a talented jumper), be sure the gate you select is tall enough to keep them contained. For smaller breeds, it’s important to examine the spacing between each bar as some dogs may be small enough to squeeze through while you’re not looking! 

If you’re planning to install a gate that will be up in your home for a while, consider purchasing a walk-through gate. As these types of gates have latches and swinging doors, they offer a convenient option for pet parents as you won’t have to hop over the gate each time you enter or exit the room! Easy to install, pressure mounted gates can be instantly secured without any hardware within a doorway or other opening in your home. 

If you need to contain your dog for a shorter period of time and can’t allow them to roam around an entire room, an exercise pen can help! Easy to use, exercise pens can be quickly set up in a pinch and are foldable for convenient storage.

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