Holiday Must-Haves

With picturesque, snow-covered days, cozy nights by the fire and plenty of delicious, comforting food, the holiday season is a favourite time of many pet parents and their fur babies!  Ren’s carries a wide variety of recognized brands and high-quality products in-store and online to help you and your furry friend make the most out of the holiday season. From adorable clothing and accessories to innovative safety and feeding products and so much more, these holiday gifts are sure to bring joy to pets and pet parents alike! 

Tractive GPS Pet Finder

A lightweight GPS tracking device, the Tractive GPS Pet Finder can help make sure your fur baby never gets lost again! From monitoring your pet’s activity while they’re at home to checking in while they’re in someone else’s care, the device allows you to pinpoint your pet’s location in real-time. When using LIVE Tracking mode, your pet’s location will be updated every two to three seconds for added peace of mind. In addition to real-time GPS tracking, the Tractive GPS Pet Finder also includes a Virtual Fence feature to help keep your four-legged family member safe. By setting a boundary, such as a yard or neighbourhood, this innovative feature will send you an instant notification anytime your pet leaves the designated area. 

Petkit Scale Bowls

Featuring a built-in digital scale, the Petkit Fresh Smart Anti-Bacterial Bowl tracks the weight of your pet’s food in lbs, grams and ounces. Working with the convenient Petkit app, you can determine how many calories your pet is consuming by simply inputting both the brand of dog or cat food and the weight of the food in the bowl. Not only can this bowl help your four-legged family member achieve and maintain a healthy weight, but it also features an anti-bacterial BioCleanAct material to eliminate a large majority of bad bacteria and germs.  

Instachew Smart Pet Feeder

Another great tool to help your fur baby maintain a healthy weight, the innovative Instachew Smart Pet Feeder automatically dispenses your pet’s food based on the appropriate portions recommended for their size and breed. With the ability to access the feeder remotely through a convenient app, you can schedule your pet’s meals to be delivered into their bowl automatically! The feeder also features an HD camera, so you can check in on your pets while you’re away and even snap a picture or record a video. A voice recording function can capture up to 10 seconds to remind your pet of feeding times, or you can call and speak to your pet in real-time! 

RC Pets Clothing and Accessories

From cozy coats to sweaters and socks, RC Pets offers a wide selection of pet clothing and accessories in a variety of adorable, festive patterns! With many sizes available to fit most breeds, these products can help keep your four-legged family member warm and stylish this holiday season! 

Dharma Dog Karma Cat Caves

Perfect for cats and some small dog breeds, these caves offer a fun hideaway for your pet to sleep and play! Available in mouse, owl, whale and many other adorable designs, these caves are made from Himalayan wool that is not chemically cleansed and therefore contains a lot of lanolin. The natural oil unique to sheep’s wool, lanolin is said to remind cats of their mother’s scent and helps condition paws and maintain healthy, shiny fur! 

Doc and Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Feeder

Created by veterinarian Dr. Liz Bales, the Doc & Phoebe's Indoor Hunting Feeder offers a wide range of benefits for your feline friend! Rather than placing your cat’s food in a regular bowl, this feeder features three Doc & Phoebe Mice which act as a bowl replacement. Each morning and night, simply fill the three feeders with kibble, hide them throughout your home and wait for your companion to hunt them down! As a cat's stomach is quite small, the combination of multiple smaller portions and plenty of exercise throughout the day will help prevent overeating. This can not only leave your cat feeling happier, but healthier and more energetic too. As if they've successfully caught their own prey, they'll feel proud each time they find one of the feeders! 

Bowser Beds

Bowsers offers a range of beautiful pet beds made with a unique blend of furniture-quality fill, luxurious upholstery fabrics and practical designs. Bowsers Donut Beds provide your pet with a feeling of comfort and security, and the removable inner cushion can be used as a crate or travel mat. Bowsers innovative Scoop beds not only offer a sleek, modern look to blend in at home, but the scooped front makes it easier for smaller or older dogs to get in. 

BeOneBreed Katt3 Starting Kit

For the cat that is easily bored, the modular Katt3 Starting Kit by BeOneBreed offers endless fun! Featuring two memory foam cushions, a hanging cat toy and a scratcher, this modern cat tree is made up of easily moveable panels and cubes to adapt to the needs of any cat. With a simple, yet stylish design, this cat tree is a great addition to any cat owner’s home! 

Pudus Slipper Socks

Treat yourself! Pudus offers an assortment of cozy slipper socks to keep your feet warm and stylish during the holiday season. Made from acrylic and polyester, Pudus socks feature extra-fluffy Sherpa lining and non-slip grippers for elevated comfort, whether hanging out at home or enjoying the outdoors with your beloved companion! 

Pet House Candles

Made with 100% natural soy wax and no dyes, Pet House candles are pet-friendly and are specially formulated to eliminate pet odours and freshen pet-loving homes. Available in a variety of festive fragrances such as Pecan Pie, Hot Cocoa, Fireside and more, these candles are sure to please the noses of fellow pet parents and their fur babies! 

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