Freshen Up Your Pet’s Clothing and Accessories

For many kids, one of the best parts about returning to school is the back to school shopping. Stocking up on supplies, technology and clothing can be fun and exciting! But why should us humans get to have all the fun? While your fur baby won’t be heading back to school with your kids, that doesn’t mean they can’t freshen up their clothing and accessories! With fall just around the corner, there are many ways you can help your pet welcome the new season in style.

Collars, Leashes and Harnesses 

Whether your cat or dog is a bit clumsy, athletic, goofy or playful, each of our four-legged family members has their own distinct personality. However, as they don’t have the same ability to express themselves through style as we do, it’s up to us to do so! Luckily, these days there are plenty of collars, leashes and harnesses with fun and unique designs available to suit your pet’s personality. Whether you’re looking for a bright, eye-catching pattern or something more subtle, RC Pets, Mendota and Coastal offer a wide assortment to choose from! 


One of the quickest and easiest ways to freshen up your pet’s look is with a pet bandana! With a variety of designs available, Uptown Pups bandanas can help add a quick pop of colour and a bit of style to your furry friend. With reversible designs, these bandanas offer double the fun and can be switched up depending on how you and your fur baby are feeling! 


Just because the weather will soon be getting colder doesn’t mean your beloved companion will want to spend any less time outdoors! A simple, modern and sophisticated fashion brand for dogs, Hotel Doggy has a variety of clothing options available to keep your dog cozy and comfortable during the fall season. With an assortment of adorable sweaters available for your four-legged family member, you can enjoy sweater weather together while showing a bit of their personality!

If you and your pup are enjoying a lazy day together, Hotel Doggy also offers a range of cute and comfortable pet pajamas for your dog to lounge in! The creators of Hotel Doggy are familiar with Canadian winters, so they’ve also made sure your pup is prepared for the colder winter months with a variety of warm, stylish jackets.

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