Dog Etiquette Tips for the Holiday Season

The holidays are an exciting time for people, but they can be stressful for pets. The decorations around the house are confusing, and having guests over can be frightening. It is vital to use this time to get prepared so that your dog is the perfect house guest. Here are some tips for pet parents to get your furry children ready for the holiday season.


Teach Your Dog Some New Tricks

You can sign up for classes or try to teach your dog new commands independently. Having plenty of tasty doggie treats handy will help either way. You should teach your dog to walk to a certain location in the house when tensions are high. This spot should be out of the way but still in a location where the dog can see everything.  

Additionally, you should teach your dog good manners when meeting new people. When someone new enters the house, you need to wait until the dog is calm before people can greet it. In the event the dog tries to back away or jump, guests should not approach it.  

Prepare Your Pup for Travel

When your holiday festivities involve driving or flying long distances, you need to prepare accordingly. If you plan on flying, you need to train your dog to be comfortable in a crate. This can be achieved much easier by placing a mat or your dog’s favorite toy inside the crate.

If your dog has never been on a plane before, then it may be anxious. Some calming aids will help immensely. You also need to do your research and find airlines and hotels that welcome dogs.

Get Started Early

You need to anticipate possible situations your dog will be unfamiliar with this season. You can get treats and toys to help your dog behave at Ren’s Pets.

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