Dental Treats For Dogs

Most dog owners don't know this, but dental care for dogs is extremely important to keep them healthy. There are two major reasons to take care of your dog's teeth, it reduces bad breath, and it also prevents oral diseases, which can lead to other health problems.

Brushing your dog's teeth can be very tedious and sometimes even an unpleasant activity, for both you and your dog. So, it can be a good idea to consider a day to day alternative. Dental treats are an easier way to maintain your dog's oral health. To maintain healthy gums and teeth, your dog needs to chew actively. Studies have shown that the natural action of chewing, combined with specially designed dental chews (which are treated with certain substances), can isolate and strengthen the calcium on the teeth.

Why Dental Treats?

Chewing is an important and favourite past time with our dogs, whether it is on a chew or a dog treat. The chewing action encourages saliva production, which helps wash away bacteria from the mouth and keep their teeth and gums healthier. This is also why some dentists recommend chewing gum between meals; the same principle applies to your dog's teeth.

Dental treats for dogs are one of the most popular forms reducing bad breath. Specially formulated dental treats often include breath fresheners which work alongside the actual chewing power to remove unwanted substances from their teeth. If your dog has chronic or strong bad breath, it could indicate a gastrointestinal problem.

Here are some of the countless benefits of dental treats:

● They rub against the dog's teeth, loosening any food debris, acting like a toothbrush.

● Reduce the risk of developing periodontal disease, a prevalent dental problem affecting dogs.

● Contain special enzymes which fight against the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

● Fulfill your pet's inherent desire to keep chewing.

● Provide mental stimulation and prevent boredom, which can be a trigger for bad behavior.

● With dental treats, you can train your dog to chew only the treats instead of chewing on other things like furniture.

● Simulate saliva production, which helps neutralize and fight the acids which cause plaque or teeth decay.
● Prevent infections and diseases due to poor oral hygiene.

How to Choose Treats for your Dog

Dog treats use specific ingredients to promote oral health. When reading the ingredients list, look out for the type of protein used. Natural treats may have beef, chicken, or another type of meat, while lower quality or artificial dog treats will usually have ‘meat and animal derivatives,’ which can mean any part of any animal.
Natural dog treats are made from a single product, with no added extras. These natural treats are packed with lean protein and super chewy for maximum enjoyment.

Dental treats are convenient for basic dental care maintenance, but they don’t replace the need for professional cleaning and preventive care. Make sure take your dog to the vet frequently.

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