Canadian Brand Spotlight: Benny Bully's & Crumps' Naturals

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As pet parents we always want the best for our four-legged family members, including when it comes time to treat them! This week, we’re highlighting two Canadian brands that create delicious treats made with high-quality ingredients that are sure to please your pet!

Benny Bully’s

Celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, family owned and operated Benny Bully’s was founded in Canada and the first to pioneer freeze dried beef liver treats. Specializing in fortified limited ingredient treats for both dogs and cats, Benny Bully’s makes treats that are 100% natural. The treats are made from ingredients sourced from Canada or the USA, such as beef liver, pumpkin and cranberry, and offer a nutritious, pure and natural snack for your best friend! It’s no secret that Benny Bully’s original Liver Chops are a favourite among many pets, and your dog or cat can also enjoy their Liver Plus line of treats infused with healthy functional inclusions such as sweet potato, white fish, coconut, kelp and more!

Crumps’ Naturals

A Canadian family-owned company that began 12 years ago in Caledon, Ontario, Crumps’ Naturals treats are made with ingredients sourced from farms around Canada and the USA. The dedicated team at Crumps' is committed to creating products that enhance the bond between pets and their families, making every treat time special. Free from additives, colours or preservatives, many of their treats are made from single-source protein, such as Canadian beef liver and Canadian chicken. Offering plenty of delicious treats, training aids, and dental chews, Crumps’ Naturals has a wide range of products available to keep both your canine companion and feline friend happy and healthy!

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