Bowser Bed

One of the best and most used pet item in our home is the Bowser Donut Beds. I have one for each of my pets; Rerun and Storm. Rerun is getting older so having a soft plush bed is a necessity. Since Rerun has a bed Storm needed one too!

Bowser beds have a great style to match any décor and they have a fabulous quality. There are so many different colour and pattern option it is hard to choose. Between neutral and bold you will defiantly find the perfect bed.

The beds have an outer donut ring that has a removable washable cover and an inner tufted cushion which is also washable.

Ren’s has a wide range of different fabric options and sizes. You need to go to your local Ren’s and have a look for yourself. You will not find a more luxurious bed for your furry family members.

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