BeOneBreed Katt3 Kubes

Cats may be low maintenance pets, but if they don’t have a proper outlet to exercise their natural instincts and prevent boredom from arising, there’s a chance that they will act out at home. Cat scratchers, condos and trees can be great tools for keeping your feline friend busy (and for preventing your furniture from getting scratched!) If you’re looking to elevate your cat’s living space and scratching experience, the trendy Katt3 tree can help! 

Available in a convenient starter kit, the Katt3 offers endless fun for your beloved companion. With a simple yet stylish design, not only can this cat tree keep your cat happy and entertained, but it can also be a seamless addition to your home. No matter your lifestyle or décor, the flexibility of the Katt3 allows you to create a home for your cat that perfectly fits yours! 

Complete with a dangling toy and a scratch pad, the multifunctional Katt3 can help satisfy your cat’s natural instincts. Scratching allows a cat to condition their nails by removing the outer layer, while simultaneously marking their territory. And with a memory foam bed and cloud pillow, your cat will have a comfortable place to rest their head after a play session in the Katt3 house! 

If your cat is easily bored, don’t fret! Featuring moveable panels and Kubes, the modular design of this modern cat tree allows you to easily switch things up. With no tools required to assemble the Katt3, it’s easy to add on more Kubes at any time to change up the layout and keep things fun and exciting! With endless customizations available, the Katt3 is suitable for kittens, adults and seniors and can be easily adapted to suit any cat’s needs. 

The Kubes can be configured in a variety of ways that provide more than one access point to the top of the tree. For those pet parents with multi-cat households, this can be a great solution for preventing any conflict between cats who tend to use the cat tree at the same time!

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