100% Human, 100% Pets

When I started with Ren’s Pets almost seven years ago, I was very humbled by the opportunity to be working for an organization that had a number of the same core cultural beliefs as myself and my family.  In my role, I strive to have our culture be a reflection of our brand.  We make a genuine connection with people every day in our lives, and we chose how meaningful we want those connections to be.  We understand how valuable your time is in a day and how you need to balance work and life in such a fast paced world we have created for ourselves. 

At Ren’s, we understand the connection we build with our pets and how rewarding it is to have a pet as part of our family. We strive to improve the impact we make on every person and pet by being genuine, creating opportunities, giving back to our community, partnering with brands we trust, providing unique experiences, and going the extra mile to bring a to be your trusted source for all your companions needs

The effort we put to make every experience positive reflects on how our customers perceive us. In 2018, as an attempt to improve the relationship with our customers, we used the Net Promoter Score, a reliable management tool that can be used to determine the loyalty of a company’s customer relationships to find out if our customers had genuine good experiences at Ren’s. We were both surprised and thrilled to find out that Ren’s Pets scored 79 out of 100, while the industry average is 40.

What this means is that current customers really love to shop with us and while we know we are not perfect and we strive for excellence this score is very encouraging as we continue to grow.

This year alone we will be rolling out five new Ren’s Pet locations and launching our new e-commerce platform. I am grateful for the opportunity to bring Ren’s into a number of new communities this year and l am looking forward to building many more new relationships. 

I am appreciative for the commitment Ren’s employees have to make this possible, for the feedback and loyalty from our customers, and especially for every pet that appreciates Ren’s as much as we do.


See you next time in one of our stores!

Scott Arsenault

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