Bully Sticks!

Working at Ren’s has been an amazing experience so far, I've only been here just over a month and I love it. So many friendly people, and dogs! Let me tell you a bit about myself, and one of my favourite products at Ren’s! 

So I'm Hailey, and my love for animals started when I was young. Seriously, I've loved animals of all shapes and sizes for what feels like forever! I have a Pug and Jack Russell (better known as a jug), and I own a horse. Both of my girls are the loves of my life! They get along so well and go for walks together. I call them sisters. Yes… I'm one of those pet parents who refer to their pets as fur babies and call them sisters! Both my girls shop at Ren’s. I get my horse clippers for Ren’s. You know what they say, happy pets, happy life! 

Recently I brought my jug into work to buy some treats for national puppy day. I try to let her pick her own treats and she went right for the bully sticks. So who am I to tell her no? We decided to buy some for her "cousins" 2 golden retrievers I was dog sitting. Typically treats I buy don't last very long. But these bully sticks lasted a good 2 hours. I was impressed. Bought the 12" stick and took it away after a few hours. There was no unpleasant odor, didn't stick to things no mess no nothing! All the dogs loved it. I highly recommend this product it's long lasting, natural, clean, product that dogs love! Come and visit us today to try a bully stick. 

Hailey McMahon



Puppy Love!

Just a few weeks ago, my fiancé and I added our newest addition to the family, a baby chihuahua who we named Tucker! Our other two dogs are ages 12 and 6, so it’s been a while since we’ve had a puppy. 

I knew the first week would be a big change for both us and Tucker as we transitioned to a new everyday routine. I knew he was used to being cozy with his mom & siblings, so I made sure that his sleeping arrangements would be equally comforting for him. I purchased the PetMate 2-Door Top Open Kennel for him to sleep in and added a blanket, a small bed, and a teddy bear for him to snuggle (he also plays with it when he’s not tired). He cried the first night every few hours, but by night two and thereon, he hasn’t made a peep until our morning alarm goes off! 

During the day when we are not home, Tucker has a larger crate. We made sure that the crate was a positive experience for him by giving him all his meals in there and by never using it as punishment. Because it is much bigger and open, I added a fully covered bed, specifically the Precision, Hide & Seek, so he could feel protected and warm. To keep him occupied, I give him a frozen Nylabone Puppy Dino. This chew toy was designed to help with teething puppies, and he loves it more because it also tastes like chicken! It makes me smile to know we’ve made him comfortable because, during the day when we’re home, Tucker helps himself to a nap in his crate while the door is left open.

I hope this helps to make your new puppy experience a joyful one!


Katelyn Thornhill

Graphic Designer


The Woodland Rabbit

Since she was a puppy, Leela could never have any of the "nice" fluffy toys. We would give them to her, walk away for a minute and come back to a fuzzy murder scene in our living room. However, lately, Leela has started to do a miraculous thing: she actually chews soft toys nicely! 

It only took 3 years...                                

Because she still likes to occasionally revert back to her stuffy-murdering ways, I decided to (tentatively) try a stuffed toy and settled on the KONG Ballistic series because of the tough canvas material. The Woodland Rabbit was really cute, so I brought it home, and it has since become her favorite stuffed toy ever! She brings it as an "offering" when we get home, likes to chew on it while relaxing, and also likes to whip it around by its ears (which are still attached!)

 Emily Baker


Do the Tick Twist

Last weekend, while my parents were over for dinner, my dad, was petting Flint. He felt a little lump and thought it might have been a bug bite or a "pimple" (he isn't much of a dog person). I decided to check it out just to make sure. I sorted through his thick double coat and of course, didn't find a pimple... but a brown bump with legs (a tick)! 

As panic set in (this was my first tick after all), I remembered that I had purchased a Tick Twister to carry around in my hiking bag! I grabbed the Tick Twister, slid it on the tick and gently twisted it right out! This tool made it effortless to remove the tick without causing any discomfort to Flint!

Don't let the fear of ticks stop your summer fun! Just keep a few Tick Twisters on hand to remove any unwanted house guests!


Melissa Drieman

P.s That is the actual tick we pulled out!


Porter and the Three Beds

Once upon a time, there was an Australian Shepherd named Porter. She was having restless nights, where she couldn’t get quite comfortable. Porter is lucky because she is an office dog at Ren’s and was able to try out a few beds.

One was too hard, one was too soft but the Celebrity Bed was just right! This bed is comfortable, easy to clean and priced just right! Porter was finally able to sleep well at night, and her owner was happy about the low price!

Melissa Drieman 

Communications Coordinator 



Bonez and the Gyro

Bonez is a 7 yr. old Mastiff/Boxer. Mastiff’s, in general, are laid back and love to sleep, but the boxer in him enjoys a toy once in awhile. His toy basket is FILLED with many toys from Ren’s Pets Depot. When the novelty wears out, months will go by without a second glance at his basket.

One day I brought home a new toy from Kong, the Gyro food & treat ball. This is the best toy ever! Not a day goes by the Gyro doesn’t get a good toss and flip from Bonez. It is best to fill it with different flavored sized treats, give them some space and watch hrs of enjoyment!


Sandra McClure

Professional Business Manager


Fromm Start to Finish

When we got our Siberian Husky puppy, Warwick he was pretty sick. Having been dog owners our entire life we knew the drill when it came to figuring out what was making him sick. After the vet visits failed to solve our problems (and we knew it wasn’t life threatening), we next looked at his diet. After half a year of testing different foods from every manufacturer, we could think of we threw our hands in the air and opted to make Warwick’s food for him. It worked, but it wasn’t easy.

After I got hired at Ren’s I became familiar with a food I had known nothing about, Fromm. At this point, I was pretty set on continuing to make Warwick’s food, but I was curious. I purchased a bag of Fromm Game Bird to see if it would be an option for him. Not only did it not make him sick, but he actually seemed to enjoy it which was new for us. Warwick has always avoided kibble like the plague. We know now that he was telling us that most kibble made him sick. His reaction to Fromm clearly indicated that he knew this stuff was okay for him!

To this day, when I hear stories from customers saying they’ve tried everything and the vets are exhausted for ideas to help with their dog’s stomach and skin issues I recommend Fromm. And the best part? It’s less expensive by far than anything you’d get at the vet's for a food that’s safe, high quality and smartly developed.

John Janse-French 

Store Manager - Cambridge


Maverick the High Energy Dog

Owning a high-energy dog can be exhausting. Trying to find something that tires THEM out before YOU, can be even more so.

Maverick is a two-year-old Aussie/collie/something-mix, and has more energy than three adults put together.

One day, on a hike, we (myself, my two dogs, and Mav) stopped in a field to sniff around (or to rest, in my case), when I spotted some stones on the ground. With nothing else to do, I started tossing them into the grass. Almost instantly, Maverick started to chance them. It was an epiphany moment, this dog loves to play fetch!

So I went and bought myself a tennis ball, but soon discovered how tiring it is to throw a ball 100 times in a row. A friend suggested I buy a Chuckit!, which is a stick that assists you in throwing a ball farther with minimal effort to shoulders and arms.

Now our walks are fun for all, and the best part - the dog with "endless energy" is always the most tired by the end!


Cassie Mitchell 

Waterloo Store Manager




A Shlab named Leela

I have a 60lb shepherd lab (aka "shlab") named Leela. After a long day of defending the house from the postmen and utility workers, she likes to unwind with one of her favorite toy, the JW Invincible Double Chains. The two interlocked double rings made of tough rubber make for great fun chewing, gnawing and thrashing them wildly about.

As a dog that I could describe as a "CHOMP,CHOMP, gone" kind of chewer, these rings have stood up wonderfully to whatever adventures she decides to take them on. They clean nicely as well, and are very easy to bring along with you to the cottage, on walks or wherever you decide to go! These toys also come in 1 ring and 3 ring varieties as well, to please whatever kind of chewer you have.

Emily Baker

Ren's Pets Depot - London



Erratic Titan

I would like you all to meet Titan. Titan is a 4-year-old Shepherd/Border Collie/Lab cross who loves nothing more than to run around playing with his doggie siblings (of which he has 5), or just laying back in the grass with a ball in his mouth, gnawing on it like a soother. Titan is a very gentle boy who loves to cuddle his stuffed whales but has one problem. He does not understand how strong his jaw is. I have given him many different types of balls over the years, and every time he takes one bite and snaps the ball in half and then gives it to me with the saddest eyes ever. I was starting to think that there was no ball out there that would withstand his monster jaw until I tried Chuckit! Balls.

His absolute favourite (and by far the strongest) is the Erratic Chuckit! Ball. This one does exactly what it sounds like, bounces everywhere. With all of the different angles, it sends him on a very exciting chase. When he is tired of fetch he goes to lay down with the ball. The thing that I love most about the Chuckit! Balls are the fact that they are a very tough rubber, and have multiple holes. Because of this, Titan can chomp away and I do not have to worry about it snapping under the pressure as it bends and squeezes and pops right back. I only ever replace them when they get lost in the acre or get too dirty to save. I tell everyone I can about this line of products and would definitely suggest having it in any doggie parents’ arsenal of toys!


Katie Harper

London Store



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