High Anxiety

Karma is our 8 year old Lab.  She is a rescue from New Orleans, Louisiana.

As with most rescues, Karma came to us with issues.  She had severe separation anxiety and still has severe anxiety in thunderstorms.

We have learned that she needed a ‘safe place’ in our house that did not have any windows and where hearing the clap of thunder was as minimal as possible.  Trying to distract her from the storms using items such as a treat filled Kong and the Treat Ball we sell at Ren’s seemed to help a bit. 

The Thundershirt is also a great option to help, as well as some of the calming solutions we sell for both cats and dogs in our stores.  A radio in the bathroom at a high volume is also a great trick.  All of these combined helps to make the storms a little less stressful for Karma.


Anna Crapanzano

Vice President, Retail Operations 


Because she is a pup from the south, Karma is not a fan of the cold.  She can always be seen sporting her scarf or her sweaters when out and about.

Ears the Issue

Our dogs have always had issues with their ears... and it wasn’t that they don’t listen! They needed a little TLC to help keep them clean. Ren's brought in Thrive Gentian Ear Wash (along with many other Thrive suppliments) I decided to read the label. This seemed like the perfect product to clear up any ear issues and give them the TLC they needed!

My mom used it on my grandpa’s dog who had a TERRIBLE ear infection – almost to the point of a trip to the vet. She decided she would give it a try and after 3 days the infection was gone! Just like that! This product is amazing; with only 4 natural ingredients including Gentian Violet, which is known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties. I would recommend this to anyone who is dire need of an ear wash. Safe to say, you will only be hearing great things about this product!


Jasmine Paleczny

Guelph Team Lead


Dinnertime Gulper!

Flint is a fun loving 9-month-old Australian Shepherd… who LOVES to eat! Being food motivated can be really beneficial when teaching obedience and helping with shape training. Unfortunately, it is not beneficial at dinnertime when he gulped his food down in 1 min flat!

I knew I had a problem to fix, so I leashed up Flint and headed to my local Ren’s! I was introduced to the SPOT Animals Instincts Slow Feed Bowl. The design promotes natural foraging instincts, resulting in slower eating and less gulping. We tried it at dinnertime and noticed a HUGE difference. It was taking Flint longer to eat his dinner, and he no longer gulped it down.

Slow Feeding bowls are great tool for dogs who LOVE food, and need some help actually enjoying it!


Melissa Drieman

Communications Coordinator



Last Fall, our 4-year-old golden retriever Cooper was sprayed by a skunk in our backyard.  My son and I were the only one’s home and neither of us had any idea of what to do!

Unfortunately, we did two things that were the two worst things we could have done!  First, we brought him into the house and second, we put him in the tub and rinsed him with water. Bringing him in the house will stink up your ENTIRE HOME and rinsing him with water will not remove the smelly skunk oils off your pet it will only make it harder to wash off later!  I called my husband and on his way home, he picked up a product at the 24-hour veterinarian to help wash out the smell.

The next day I learned from my experienced coworkers at Ren’s, that I should have applied a product like Enviro Fresh's Odor Out directly to the fur and not rinsed with water first.  I purchased Odor Out to have on hand incase this happens again. I also learned that I could wash the smell out of towels with this product. I hopefully, put all the towels that I used on Cooper that night into the wash machine with some Odor Out and the smell was washed out completely!

The skunk smell lingered in my house for about 6 weeks and now 5 months later, Cooper still has a hint of skunk smell. I learned the pet vs. skunk lesson, the hard way and this “skunked” rookie is no longer a rookie!


Sue Tyler

Marketing Manager


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