Get A Head Start For Flea & Tick Season!

Lets face it, no one likes to be itchy, and no one likes an itchy pet! Flea and tick season is upon us. Fleas and ticks typically appear throughout the spring, summer and fall months, basically any time that the temperature is over freezing. Which is conveniently at the same time as you begin to enjoy being outside again, allowing your cat in the backyard, walking your dog further, down on the trails, in a field… where these bugs may find your dog. These tiny bugs can become a nuisance for pets and humans alike! It is important to understand how to protect your pet from these pests and what to do if you find a flea or tick!

Fleas are small bugs that can live on your pet, biting them and irritating their skin! A flea infestation can happen quickly, so it is important to make sure that all of your pets are protected with a flea prevention treatment. 10 fleas can multiply to THOUSANDS of fleas in less than a month, so as soon as fleas are discovered, you need to take action! While you are spending time with your pet, take time to check their body. Is your dog constantly scratching itself? Can you see any fur missing? These are signs that your dog may have fleas! 

To eliminate fleas, it is important to understand their lifecycle. Adult fleas lay eggs, which hatch into larvae, these morph into pupae, which transform into adult fleas. In order to get rid of fleas for good, you need to kill all of the fleas, adults and their offspring! Remember, fleas can jump nearly 12 inches, so you never know where your dog may come in contact with them!

Ticks can also be dangerous to you and your pet. These tiny bugs latch onto a host and feed off blood for 6 to 30 days. YUCK! Ticks, like fleas, can irritate skin and cause itching. If you feel a small strange bump on your pet, this could be a tick! They are known in Ontario to transmit various infectious diseases to animals and humans, such as Lyme disease. When one of these little ones bites you or your dog, they begin to dig into the body. When this happens, you need a special tool to make sure you remove the whole tick to prevent further risk of infection.

Luckily, Ren’s has you covered! We carry a variety of flea and tick treatments for both your cats and dogs!

Flea and tick treatments for cats and dogs are not the same, the ingredients are different! You need to make sure you treat your cat with a feline formula. It is important to know that cats who actively groom or engage in close physical contact with recently treated dogs may be at risk of harm, so follow the directions carefully!


Why Feed Wet Food?

Because your cat is picky… and you want them to be healthy! 

Did you know wet food helps to balance out your cat’s meal and ensures that they get their necessary water and nutrients every day! High carbohydrate levels in some dry kibble can lead to obesity and diabetes in cats, but canned wet food contains more protein that your cat craves. PLUS! Hydration is important for cats, canned wet food contains high moisture to ensure a happy healthy cat. And, there is a HUGE selection of flavours and textures available! 


Wet Food

Alternative Chews

Save your sofa and stilettos!

Your dog will love to try an antler or Gorilla Chew! You will love the benefits! 

These alternative chews are sustainably harvested, environmentally friendly and all-natural alternatives to rawhides and bones with no artificial colours, additives or flavours! Safe, strong and long-lasting chews! Chewing is important for any dog to help make sure their teeth and gums stay healthy by reducing plaque build-up! The Gorilla Chews are new to Ren's and are made of really dense Java Wood, this means no splintering during chewing. Plus! It keeps them happy and busy. The perfect alternative to branches, sticks and yes, even furniture. 

An extra bonus for you, is that these are odourless options, with no more residue or smell on your furniture and flooring!


Antler Chewz

Gorilla Chew

Keeping Kai Safe!

I couldn’t be happier with my new Kurgo harness! I just recently got a new puppy, Kai, who tends to be very jumpy. The harness has been great for short and long car rides! It keeps him safe in the back, but it still lets him move about in the back seat and keeps him comfortable. I would recommend this harness to any new puppy owner. 

It was easy to put on too and it didn’t bother him at all. It hooks on easily to the seatbelt and unhooks just as easy so I can take him in and out of the car on a regular basis. He has been growing so fast, but because the entire harness is adjustable he has been able to wear it for months. Once he does grow out, there is no doubt in my mind that I will be getting him another one, only bigger!

Tori Smith

Graphic Design Student

Nitro & Cyprus
Nitro has been showing his new little bro the ropes! These are Nitro and Cyprus favourite high reward treats.
When training and working with high drive, working dogs you need something of high value! 
Nitro & Cyprus are fed a raw diet to keep them thriving and live the longest life possible so as a passionate dog owner I only allow my boys to consume the healthiest treats! 
We choose Benny Bullys for this role because they're a limited ingredient, packed with vitamin A, B, Iron, trace minerals and coQ10! Its a great source of protein and Benny Bullys was one of the first freeze-dried liver treats made back in 1990! We LOVE Benny Bullys & Rens Pet! 
Waterloo Key Holder
Reggie and the Octopus

Reggie The Boxer, here again! 

I don't know about you, but I LOVE playing with toys. So much so, that sometimes I'm a little too rough. It's hard for my mom and dad to find a toy that I won't destroy. My favourite store Ren's Pets started carrying the Tender Tuffs line of toys! Strong enough for big chewers like me!! 

These toys have "TearBlok Technology" which means I can't tear it apart! And as much as I try, the puncture proof squeakers will keep squeaking no matter how much I try! The Stretchy Orange Octopus is also great for a controlled tug with my dad or a friend!


Reggie - Owned by Danielle

Assistant Burlington Manager 


Peanut YUMMY

Looking for a fun game day treat? If you have any empty marrow bones lying around this might be perfect for you! (Kongs also work perfectly). Take your pre-loved marrow bone and stuff it with Hero Dog Treats peanut buddy (yogurt works great too for those with allergies). Take a few of your pet’s favourite treats and press them into the peanut buddy. Once those bones are nice and stuffed, stick them in the freezer to harden up! When game time comes around, give your pet a nice cold game day treat! 


Melissa Drieman

The Birthday Cake

My chihuahua, Tucker, turned 1 this week. I wanted to bake a cake for him as a special treat but I knew it would have to have ingredients that weren’t going to make him sick. I stumbled upon this new product at Ren’s, “the Lazy Dog Birthday Cake”, it was perfect! All of the ingredients were safe for Tucker and aside from what it comes with, all I needed to add was a few tablespoons of water and vegetable oil. This cake was super easy to make. I simply mixed the ingredients, poured it into a cake pan and popped it in the oven! It even comes with sprinkles & frosting. Once the cake was cooled and ready I cut a small piece for Tucker to enjoy… I even tasted it myself… it’s not bad! 


Katelyn DeCostsa

Graphic Designer

Reggie the Boxer

My boxer Reggie is already on a raw diet, so naturally, I try and keep his treats natural and grain free as well! Enter Hero Kangaroo Liver! He is very food driven to begin with, but give him something new and flavourful, watch out! Kangaroo Liver 100% natural protein and great for dogs with allergies! He is still in training so breaking them into smaller pieces and using them as training treats is also great for when he’s been a very good boy! 


Danielle Ethier

Assistant Manager - Burlington


Fun is a stones throw away

Hunter has never been a retrieving dog. Typically, Hunters interest in fetching is completely lost as soon as she finds the thrown item. Because of this, I avoid playing fetch near bodies of water since the ball never seems to make it out. With Kurgo skipping stones, however, Hunter never fails to retrieve the “ball” (or shake water all over me). The slim shape of the Kurgo skipping stones makes it easier for Hunter to swim, run, and breathe without allowing water in her mouth easily. This slim design is also obviously optimal for skipping, which makes for some fun competition between me and my fiancé on our walks with Hunter.

These “stones” are made of a durable, non-toxic rubber that can easily fit into pockets for impromptu walks. They're also available in bright colours so even if you happen to take your eyes off where they landed, you can find them right away again.


Alex Pollock

 Ren's Pets Depot

Graphic Design Student