Storm Loves Crumps

Storm, is my 4 year old Bouvier. She is the baby of the family so of course, she gets all of the goodies. One of Storm’s favorite treats is the Crumps Sweet Potato treats.

Crumps are all natural treats and Ren’s has the largest selection for your dog. The sweet potato treats are thin slices that are cooked slowly so they are a chewy texture. Sweet Potato Rawhides are packed with vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, B6, potassium, phosphorus, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and calcium. It's also high in fiber which can dramatically improve digestive health.

It is our morning routine that the dogs go outside, have their breakfast and then get a sweet potato treat.

Melissa Schmidt 


Huggle mats are a MUST!

Not only is it cozy for the dog but for people too!  It’s super thick/cozy even though it’s a mat and you may be thinking to yourself “that doesn’t look like anything special”  you need to see it in person and touch it!   You feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud (may have slept on it once or twice).  It washes amazingly and dries so fast and never wears, it’s always super soft. We’re going to be getting the new huggle poofs soon!  Can anyone say bean-bag chair (but cozy)!

No dog should be without their huggle mat – perfect for crates, rolls up to travel easily, easy to clean you just have to come and feel it – the material is so dense.  Standing on it you can feel the comfort level so for older dogs with joint issues it’s amazing!! Bruno is just a little pup but he’s already figured out the best spot in the house to sleep.


Terina Lemon

VP of Brand & Marketing




Molly is a 6-year-old golden doodle who loves her stuffed toys. When she was given her new Freeze-N-Float watermelon toy she immediately fell in love with it. We brought the toy up to the cottage with us since we would be outdoors a lot and it worked out even better than I could have hoped. Molly loves to swim and because the toy is so great in water it was a perfect match. We never lost it either since it floats!

 Also, Molly gets super hot when it is humid out, so being able to freeze the toy came in handy. It helped keep her from overheating and we found she didn’t pant as much either. I have a strong feeling we will be getting another Freeze-N-Float toy since we can’t seem to get her to put this one down even for a moment!


Tori Redmond-Smith

Graphic Design Co-op Student


Beat the Heat!

My dogs LOVE the pool, especially Xena! She could swim all day long, especially when I am throwing her Chuckit! Ball into the pool! These balls are amazing because they float and are super bright which makes it easier for her to find! Thanks Rens for the toys we can use in the pool! They're officially the 'coolest' dogs on the block. 


Noicle Nietsch

Kitchener Location


Bowser Bed

One of the best and most used pet item in our home is the Bowser Donut Beds. I have one for each of my dogs; Rerun and Storm. Rerun is getting older so having a soft plush bed is a necessity. Since Rerun has a bed Storm needed one too!

Bowser beds have a great style to match any décor and they have a fabulous quality. There are so many different colour and pattern option it is hard to choose. Between neutral and bold you will defiantly find the perfect bed.

The beds have an outer donut ring that has a removable washable cover and an inner tufted cushion which is also washable.

Ren’s has a wide range of different fabric options and sizes. You need to go to your local Ren’s and have a look for yourself. You will not find a more luxurious bed for your furry family members. 

Melissa Schmidt





Ferrets are curious creatures (in both senses of the word). While many of their attributes are like any other small animal, they also have some cat-like tendencies as well. What do I mean by this? Well, for starters ferrets are obligate carnivores, much like cats. What this means is they get everything they need from eating meat. So how do you go about feeding an “all-meat” diet to a critter known to hide his food in the couch, and under the fridge, and in the toilet paper roll while it’s still hanging on the holder? There was more than one occasion where I found my ferret Toby’s food in places I didn’t even know he could reach! So, meat is out. Too much risk with hidden, spoiling meat. So how do I go about feeding my ferret a premium, protein dense food that even if he hides a bit, it’s not the worst thing in the world?

Enter Go! Freshwater Trout + Salmon Recipe for cats. Yes, once again the mighty ferret’s similarities to his feline friends persist. So, why is a cat food the premier choice for your fine ferret? Protein. This particular bag of Go! Has the highest protein available of any kibble in all of Ren’s (45%), it’s grain-free and is limited in its carbohydrate inclusions. This makes it highly digestible with nothing extra your ferret doesn’t need. As well, fish as the primary meat source really helps with coat and skin health as well, so that’s a bonus.

Next time you’re shopping for ferret food, take a stroll down the cat food aisle and check out the awesome ALL CANADIAN products from Now and Go! at your nearest Ren’s Pet Depot!


John Janse-French

Cambridge Manager




Rerun and HERO

Rerun is my 12-year-old golden doodle and she loves to chew. When the new Hero Kangaroo Bones became available at Ren’s we just had to try them.

Kangaroo is a great alternative for dogs with protein allergies. It is also naturally rich in vitamins and minerals. The Kangaroo bone is not smelly and because it is dehydrated rather than smoked it does not splinter. The bones are available in a range of sizes so it is a great treat for all dogs.

Rerun loves her new bone and I love that it is a natural product for her to enjoy. 


Melissa Schmidt 

Replenishment Analyst



Absolute Silk Conditioner

Winter can be harsh on Pivot's fur. Her coat has been dry and her skin is flakey. It looked like she was covered in sand.

Our wonderful purchasing manager Amanda suggested giving her a bath using the Wahl Absolute Silk Conditioner. 

So I went into our local Ren's and got a bottle to give Pivot a bath that night. All I can say is that the conditioner worked miracles on her skin and coat. It was easy to work into her coat and it rinsed out well.  

Pivot's fur and skin is no longer flakey and dull. This is an absolute must have product.

Melissa Bailey




Marcus the Portuguese Cattle Dog

Meet Marcus, a 2 year old Portuguese Cattle Dog.  Marcus has a problem.  He is never tired.  He can take his mom out running for hours, and still have energy to spare when he gets home.  He has no interest in most toys, and instead will do anything he can to get your attention.  This has gotten him in to trouble…..a LOT. 

Enter Jolly Pets.  Jolly Pets is a great company to help you find a toy that will keep your pet engaged, which helps keep them active and healthy.  In Marcus’ case, the winner was the Jolly Pets Teaser Ball.  It is a durable ball, even to the roughest dogs, and encourages your dog to play on his own, and wears them out both physically and mentally.

45 minutes of backyard play (and the occasional race around the yard with his less furry sister), and Marcus is exhausted.  And as they say, a tired dog is a good dog!


Joanna Leach

London Store Manager



Slippery Elm

I always thought I knew everything when it came to dogs, especially after working at Ren’s for almost 2 years! But my German shepherd, Easton put that knowledge to the test! Easton has issues with his G/I tract, which can make feeding him difficult. Through research I learned about some ingredients and tricks to help him settle his stomach.

Recently he has been very sick (throwing up and loose stools) with zero appetite. He was loosing weight and we didn't know what to do anymore. When speaking with my co-workers, they were giving me great tips! They suggested we add Pumpkin Puree to his dinner to help soothe his stomach. The pumpkin encouraged him to eat, and did help soothe his tummy. The best product we were recommended to try was Thrive Slippery Elm Powder! Slippery Elm Powder coats the intestinal tract to provide relief from digestive concerns. Within a day Easton was eating and feeling better! We did take a trip to the vet to make sure Easton was back on tract! I am very thankful for the help of my caring co-workers!


Shauna Eves

Full-Time Key Holder